Wednesday, July 09, 2014

LadyLee Favorites: Eight Ball's Lost.

This post is for blog brother 12Kyle, because I remember he said he likes this CD too.

I can't say that I listen to much urban rap music these days. It is a bit too simplistic and violent.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

If I want to hear something good, I have to dig into my crates and find it. And today, I have been listening to one of my FAVORITE rap CDs, Eightball's Lost.

I loved this CD. Played it to death. It's out of Suave House, and back in the day, I liked that production team. And Eight ball is an EXCELLENT story teller.

But I am just now looking at the CD cover.

I was a little disturbed by the buzzards. That's not safe.

But what's up with the crashed space shuttle behind the car? I can't believe I've never paid much attention to that. Hmm.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite songs. (Mind you, I am doing this because I want to listen to my favorites all in one place, lol). And of course, I have some commentary. 

"Put the House on It"

That song had some interesting lines that I am still thinking about... as they are a bit over my head:

"What must be, shall be. And that which is necessity to him that struggles is little more than choice to him that is willing."

"Heaven is above all, and death is the judge that no king can corrupt. And hell? Hell is only the truth seen to late."

That's a bit... deep. That's like, some food-for-thought on some other level. Better not put that in a current rap song. There's gonna be problems. That is too complex for these young ones to understand.

"All for Nothing"

That song is an example of some good storytelling. I like that. Give me a story, something I can follow.  And it has a good message. And the lady singing the hook sounds like a wannabe Aretha Franklin, lol.

"Down and Out"

I love the hook on this song. I am sure that is a remake of sold old school song. But this is a good story about the ills of the drug dealer life. It makes me see it's not a good idea to sell drugs, it does. Humph.

"Coffee Shop"

This is my favorite rap duo song of all time. Yes it is. Favorite, favorite, favorite.  

Favorite line: "My kitchen fridge look like Jeffrey Dhama's, boys screaming for mama from the drama!''

Man. Redman wrong for saying that. He just wrong.

"Ball and Bun". Another one of my favorite rap duets.

"Pure Uncut"  This is one of my favorite collabos. 


 I can't say I care for Silkk the Shocker. I never thought he was a good rapper. Master p is his brother, so I guess that helps you get on, right?

And last but not least, one of the better "Dedicated to my Mama" songs I've heard. And it's a good story.

"This is Dedicated"

Alright, that was fun. It makes me want to pull up some of my other favorite rap CDs.


  1. Leeeeeee! I love this album. I grew up listening to 8Ball & MJG. One of my favorite rap duos. You just took me back to my college days with this post. He is one of the best storytellers. Him and Scarface. Now I'm about to go pull up "My Homeboy's Girlfriend" on youtube.

    1. I loved much of what came out of Suave House back then. It's a bit racy, some of it, but Eight ball has always caught my attention because he worked hard on his storytelling and metaphor placements in his rhymes.

  2. I used to love 8Ball & MJG .. Pimp Hard was one of the songs I played on repeat for some reason. lol
    I was in high school when these songs were hitz lol

    1. Oh you like them HARD songs. Oh no. LOL. I like the softer raps!

  3. Yo -- I got nothing. I don't even know who Eightball is. I'm old. Whatevs.

    1. Chele? You never been to Suave House? LOL.

    2. You are not alone. I have heard of the name but no none of the songs. This seems like this is when I was in my No Limit phase.

  4. I must admit I haven't heard of 8Ball. LOL.

  5. I bet everyone who said they don't know 8Ball is not from the South. Lol

  6. I am so not into rap music or suaveness or 8balls.

    I am not from the South.

  7. Anonymous3:33:00 AM

    OMG I just can't see you listening to 8Ball & MJG. You took me back to days when I had my Cadillac and all my friends called me mjg "my initials" My fav mjg song was Space Age Pimpin. I still listen to Do or Die when my grand babies aren't visiting. : ) and yes i'm from the south. Mary


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