Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LadyLee's Favorite Soup

This here is for That Southern Black Gal, who said that this particular soup sounded like it wouldn't be good.

This is some GREAT soup. $6.99 for a quart at the Whole Foods.

I can get 3 servings out of it if I have it as a side. If it's all I have, I will eat it ALL. I have the borderline 'itis after eating a whole bowl, thought. That's not good when at work. *ladylee snoring in cubicle chair*

It has more than collard greens and black eye peas. It has some soy meat crumbles, and it is tomato based. I have tried to make it before, but it didn't work out as well as I liked. So I buy it from time to time. And only one Whole Foods in the area carries it. I guess it's not popular up in the more northern suburbs. (I personally think it is something the black folk back in the kitchen came up with.).

This here is some good soup, Southern Black Gal. Real good!


  1. Don't let me find this at my Whole Foods! It sounds good!

  2. I didn't know Whole Foods had recipes on their website. I'm going to try to make this soup soon. It looks and sounds good.

    1. I bought this out of the deli section, but they may have it on their site. I know they have a cookbook. Easier for me to buy it. I find it odd that it is only available at the downtown/midtown ATL location though.

  3. Never had black eye peas but I would try it because I love collard greens lol

  4. Imma let you have that soup, looks tasty, but I don't care for collard greens at all. LOL!

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  6. No to that soup. Just no.

    They know better than to bring that soup up my way!

  7. Looks good. I have never been to WF. I will try the new one in Detroit. I will try and remember this soup.


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