Thursday, July 03, 2014

Oscar-Tyrone- King of Bling

I am finding these days that I have to be mindful of what's laying around the house, as Sister Callie Jo likes to carry stuff around from one place to another. Let's just say I have socks everywhere. Sigh.

And then last Sunday, she was walking proudly across the floor with a chain of Mardi Gras beads in her mouth. I have NO idea where she got those from. Maybe from under the bed. These days she likes to hang out under there. (Thank goodness for us all... as it gives us a break from her).

I snatched it out of her mouth... and put it around Oscar-Tyrone's neck.

And this was quite befitting, since the BET awards were on.

He was dressed up for the festivities.

Show us your bling, Oscar. 

Come on dude, don't be shy. (Maybe he's just irritated because Callie Jo is hanging on his back in the picture. Sigh).

He has the fly gold dice chain!

The BET awards were quite boring, so he went to sleep.

Something went down to catch his attention, though. I'm not sure what, because the awards show was quite boring.

And by shows end, his chains got a little loose.

And there is NO rapper on the planet who can mean mug like MC Oscar-T. None.

Eyes of Fury! True King of Bling.

He has that look that says "I wish a sucka would try to step to me! You don't want none of this!"

And he deserves a rap song. Yes he does. For putting up with Callie Jo. And for wearing those blinging gold dice around his neck.

He (and I and we ALL) deserve some REAL rap music from 25-30 years ago. BET awards always make me realize how far downhill rap music has gone.


  1. Blessings and happy fourth.
    I guess cat's are curious?

  2. L.L.,
    I heard the Essence 20th was taking place recently. Was the BET awards going on recently too? I heard Prince performed with some of his people & former people at the New Orleans Superdome.

    Dude, Please include some Calliejo pics on your posts. O.T. is cool but your new family member should be out there too. Just requesting. No offense.

  3. Let me try this again...

    MC Oscar Tyrone's bling looks like mine at the beginning of the 80s party LOL.

    I enjoyed the awards this year only because of Chris Rock.

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!! I can post!!!


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