Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lessons in Sharing

So it seems as if Sister Callie Jo is getting big enough to take over Oscar-Tyrone's favorite sleeping spots.

So he tries to make the best of it, be the bigger man, and share. 

As you can tell from the look in his eyes, he's not particularly happy about this arrangement.

But alas, sleep is sleep.  What's the harm in sharing?

So he curls up on his half of the ottoman and goes to sleep. Callie Jo does the same.
Callie Jo is getting her beauty sleep, but she is one of those young chicks that won't sleep in one place.  She has to turn what seems like every five minutes or so. 

Then she decides to just stretch completely out.

And then she throws that leg over Oscar's back end.
All I know is that I laid on the sofa and fell asleep myself. Then something jarred me from my own beauty sleep. A BIG fight broke out between Sista Callie and Oscar. He yelled at her something awful. I wish I could interpret cat language. Whatever he said was brutal.

I guess she moved one time too many and he got sick and and tired of it all.

He kicked her off the ottoman and she went to her favorite spot: under my bed.

"You should have kicked Callie off in the first place, dude," I said.

Let me be quiet. At least the old cat was trying to share.



  1. Lol Callie will have to learn that Oscar Tyrone don't like sharing.

  2. LOL! I'm loving the posts about these two.

  3. The pic is priceless. Her innocent look and his annoyed look.

  4. I don't know why but I thought Oscar Tyrone was really big. I guess with Sister Callie growing he doesn't seem so big anymore.

  5. Tyrone is such a good brother...but don't try him! Callie just goes too far!

    I love the way Tyrone is trying. He is really trying!


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