Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sister Callie Jo Update

For the BOP..

So BOP ,who I didn't think was a "cat man", wants more pictures of Callie Jo. LOL

The thing is that I don't have too many good pictures of her. She moves too fast these days. And unless I am trying to take pictures, it just doesn't work out. These in this post are fuzzy at best.

And Sister Callie has figured out, uh... Oldgirl Ladylee ain't that much of a cat person. I mean, I will play with her here and there, but she realizes we are very laid back in these parts. So she needs to sit her tail down somewhere. And she does that more and more these days. She has learned to entertain herself. And she likes to sleep under the bed. (I am glad of that. I didn't like waking up with her snuggled in my armpit or around my neck. Unh-unh.)

She had another booster shot last week, and she doubled in weight over a three week period. O_O.

She is getting big.

Here she is with one of my crochet squares.

I can't talk trash about the squares. She is going under and inside the couch and finding squares from many YEARS ago. She tends to play with those. I keep my regular squares I am working with put up somewhere.

On more of a regular basis, at least a couple of times per hour, this is the usual scenario. 
She tries to throw him in a headlock and bite him on the back of the neck. As you can see from the look on Oscar's face (and he is screeching hard), he is not amused. Not in the least.

I usually let this activity go unchecked.  But there is nothing worse than waking up to a screeching Oscar... at 3 in the morning. That causes all kinds of problems.

"What the HELL is wrong with ya'll! Get outta my room! Right now!" I holler.

*Oscar and Callie scrambling out of the bedroom*

*LadyLee closing the bedroom door... tightly*

I have had to take him by the shoulders...

And look him in straight into the eyes...

And talk to him.

"Oscar, you can't let her jump you like that.  As Miss Celie told Harpo that day out in the field, I tell you:


Beat her, Oscar. Beat the brakes off of her. Whoop her tail good fashion. I don't care. 

And that's what he does. Holds her down, Snatch her by the collar and bite and snap at her.

Punch her a few times, dude. Get her scrambling for her life.  KICK HER BUTT!
He kicks her tail so bad that I find her break-away collar in the middle of the floor.

Then she will leave him alone. It is almost as if she is saying "Oscar, it's too much. I need to go sit down somewhere."

Yes you do, Sister Callie. Go church jog over in the corner somewhere.

Oscar isn't slick. He will notice she's not around for awhile, and he will go walk up on her and sit there and just... stare.  And that gets her all riled up again.

He gets a kick out of that. He's not fooling me.

But Oscar-Tyrone's overall preference is to lay down and rest awhile.
That's the only time he tolerates her being up on him.

Thank goodness when the good Sister Callie Jo takes time to sit down and meditate.

Thank goodness for us all.


  1. I love seeing pictures of Sister Callie also. She's so cute. I'm toying with the idea of getting a cat. The house is a lil empty since our dog passed last year. I've never had a cat though, only dogs. We'll see.

    1. I like cats. I don't have to take them outside. I can leave for a few days and don't have to worry about them. Their personalities can be a bit stank, but I am good with that. And they tend to be to themselves. Callie is getting bigger and she is better about entertaining herself. That's what I like!

  2. Anonymous2:43:00 PM

    They are um quite entertaining. I like quiet and this would not work for me. However, the fights would keep me laughing...then again I am so not a cat person. LOL!

    1. It has usually been quiet. Oscar rarely meows or screeches. I have only heard him hiss a couple of times in the past 17 years. But Callie has him quite vocal. He hisses several times a day.

    2. Anonymous2:36:00 PM

      Lol! Poor Oscar Tyrone...

  3. LL,
    You got some action going on in your house!!

    Back in the day when I was in high school, my family had a golden retreiver and a tabby cat. They got along well. I tell you though, that cat was a cool customer. He wouldn't take crap from nobody and if you did mess with him, he would remember -- payback, usually right on the spot, was not pleasant.

    Do your cats still have their claws?

    1. They still have their claws. Oscar doesn't scratch furniture. I have to work on Callie Jo, though. She has a couple of scratching poles around, but she likes to get rowdy.

  4. That picture of Callie Jo biting Oscar is hilarious. I would love to see them in action.

    1. It is simply TOO much when I am trying to sleep. Sister Callie Jo is getting to the point that when the lights go out, she will go off somewhere and lay down, but not sure why she get the notion to jump up in the middle of the night and attack him while he's asleep. Disrupts us ALL.

  5. This post is so friggin cute!

  6. Not a cat person? Huh?

    1. No ma'am I am not.

      And Oscar will agree to that.

      you must not have met some REAL cat people. It is... interesting. I know I am not one.

  7. I'm not a cat person either but these pics are so cute!!! I need to go back and read the history of Callie Jo n

  8. Callie Joe is a cutie. Poor Oscar-Tyrone. LOL

  9. Anonymous3:09:00 PM

    Ugh...my comment got eaten.

    I was just saying that I am a cat person and don't appreciate the shade you keep throwing.

    Dogs don't give you peace...but cats are all peace.

    Soon Callie Jo will be outgrowing her kittenness and you will miss it! So will Tyrone!

  10. Anonymous3:41:00 AM

    Omg I'm crying laughing at these two. thanks for sharing

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