Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday Morning

Happy Monday Morning to you.

Or should I say afternoon?

All a matter of when you read this post. So whichever it is... hope it's HAPPY.

I had a decent weekend. I didn't do too much, but just enough. I don't do too well when I am running hard. And there was none of that. Thank goodness.

Anyway, I wanted to go the movies on Saturday, but whoops... there was a Triple F Posse meeting. That's a meeting of the Financial Freedom Fighters.

There have been a couple of meetings I have missed. That's because I didn't get an email about them. But I will try to keep up with them from now on. My sister came over and we rode to the meeting together.

It was good to catch up with everyone. I think since the last meeting I attended (in February), much has gone on. I will detail my thoughts in another post.

On Sunday after church, I went to see this movie.

I almost didn't make it, because I took a nap after church. But I ended up going to a 4:00 show.

Been waiting on that one for a good minute.

That was a good movie. I wouldn't call it "Great", but it definitely kept my attention. The tension was turned up from the very beginning.

The best thing about the movie was the villain, Koba:

He's what made the movie good. I was sitting there thinking "Can someone knock that dude out? Geez."

Now, what made my movie the most interesting was seeing it in the VIP lounge. I'd never heard of such and I was curious. That plus the 3D fee brought my ticket price up to $17. Yikes.

But I was curious. I didn't even know this particular theater had a VIP lounge.

They got it where you can't sneak in, because they card you at the entrance.

I tell you what, it is NICE up in there. The seats were leather recliners and very wide. Almost like being at home. And you could order food... ribs and steaks and chicken. And wine and champagne in real champagne glasses was available. Very nice. Folks were all dressed up. And there I was in my shorts and t-shirts and nikes.Who knew they had a VIP lounge stuck waaaaaay back off in the back of the theater? I never knew.

"This sure is nice," I said, as I looked around all wide-eyed and ate cherries out the plastic bag I had tucked away in my big purse. "This is cool."

Would I do it again? No. I was just curious.

I enjoyed my $17 VIP experience IMMENSELY. Yes I did. 

I didn't care for the 3D. I prefer 3D IMAX, but it wasn't available in that format. So next time I will just go to the standard film if it is not available in 3D IMAX.

That's about it for my weekend. The rest was the usual. My knee is still healing, so I wasn't able to do any yard work. And I wasn't all that upset about that. LOL

Quote of the Week.  Either your troubles make you better, or they make you bitter. We must always examine what's going on in our hearts.- T.D. Jakes

That's a good one. As I get older, I am looking for the lessons in my troubles. I am looking to grow from my troubles. But I do have a couple of things I am bitter about. I am continuously working on that.

Song of the Week. "Angel" by Angela Winbush

I love that song. By a real sanger. Enough said.

And I love R&B videos from the 80s. Just stand up there and sing the song, honey. None of this crazy off the wall production. None of this elaborate dance routine. Just put on your flyest outfits sang the song.

That's it for me. Sweepstakes still in full effect until August 13 or thereabouts. Leave a comment to enter.

Git your money... honey. 

Have a good week.

Not by default, but by design... And on purpose.


  1. I can't wait to see this movie, of course I am not going to the movies to actual see it, but when it comes out on DVD...LOL!

    1. Go see it at the movies! Action packed. Or at least wait until it hits the dollar movies. Or do you have a dollar movie theater in your town?

    2. Seeing it in a theater is better than home! Some movies need to be on the big screen.

    3. @disco diva... yes it is. But the 3D on this one was wack. I would have liked to have seen it in IMAX 3D

  2. I want to experience VIP seating in a movie theater. I also want to attend a dinner and movie type theater. Oh and a drive in movie. My theater watching is so regular.

    1. Girl... this would've been RIGHT up your alley. They were all dressed up in there. And I was ambling through in my t-shirt and shorts. LOL!

      That food was smelling good.

      We have a AMC fork and screen that's really good. More chairs and tables, though. I have NEVER seen leather recliner lounge chairs before. WOW.

      The only drive-in theater in Georgia is in the hood, only a few miles away, a five minute drive from me. Haven't been there in 25 years, but it is still there!

  3. I know Feb was the last time I made a meeting. It felt good to get back into the groove. I need that accountability!

    1. Yes. I felt pretty good about it all. I am glad to be back. Kentucky is too.

  4. Oh I loved the movie. I saw it on Saturday with my eldest child. VIP seating? Whoever heard of such a thing? I'm sure it was nice. We have Cinema Café and a few others where you can lounge and order food. They're okay ... but the food is usually something fried and greasy. No thanks.

    1. We have a "Fork and Screen" here. And the only thing I cared to eat was a fruit plate with a yogurt drizzle and crushed roasted walnuts. That was so good that I make it myself!

      This VIP... this was on some other stuff. I was trying my BEST to take some pictures in there on the low-low. I have a couple of dark ones. I may try to post them.

  5. Didn't know the movie was out. Not really into that type of movie. I love the simpleness of music back in the day. I am starting to sound like my moms generation talking about how music is not the same. SMH. We getting old.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Oh hon... if this is not your type of movie, let it go. Lots of war! Lots!

      Sorry, but you sound alright to me. That was GOOD music back then. Look at Angela Winbush in the video below... got on her nice outfit, singing... That is GOOD music.

      I don't have to see her bent over and gyrating on the floor and moving all fast with 15 back up dancers.

  6. Anonymous12:15:00 PM

    I gotta go see that movie.....but it wont be in VIP. I doubt if we even have such a thing. But I really enjoyed the last Planet of the Apes movie.

    LadyLee, now I got that song playing on loop "in my head". LOL


    1. That was a once in a lifetime experience. To kick back in a leather recliner? Who knew such a think existed? And high level food and dranks!!?

      ...I might run up in there again... since I only go to a few movies a year.

    2. I found my angel... Angel... I FOUND MY MY MY ANGEL!!!!


  7. I liked the movie too. I felt sorry for poor old Koba. He had been so abused. I saw it in 3D ...didn't like it. I prefer the IMAX experience. I'm with you, if they don't have it in IMAX, I'll just see the regular showing.

  8. This song was my introduction to Angela Winbush. Every time the video came on I would just sit and stare thinking about how pretty she was with her chocolate skin and how good she sang. Good memories.

  9. I think they did a great job showing the motivation of the Apes. Poor Koba..when he pointed out what the humans did to him. I felt so badly...he has NO reason to trust. Also hard to be a strong leader.

    I am not going to lie though...there was a point where I wanted to jump in the screen and get Koba.

    The son annoyed me too.

    A tear MAY have rolled down my cheek when Cesar went home and started thinking about his life before he escaped. Sigh.

    Also, the movie coudl have been 20-30 min shorter. There was some draggy parts.

    1. @disco diva... I could understand's Koba's plight... but somebody needed to bust him in the head and throw him in a cave until everything was over. He went completely nuts. Sigh.

      The beginning was too long for me.


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