Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Art of Good Beauty Sleep

Do you know the meaning of getting some good beauty sleep?

Sister Callie Jo knows.

And she has known since she was a young babe.

And she knows even more now that she's 3 months old.

She's gonna have a crook in her neck sleeping like that. But she straightened it out.
Legs stretched out, arms delicately crossed... beautiful beauty sleep.

Then beauty sleep turns not so lovely:

 Oh no Sister Callie! Put your legs down, hon.  Don't show us all your bizness!

That's when beauty sleep turns into sleeping hard. She was even snoring. 

Ha ha...

She seems to have taken over Oscar's favorite resting spot these days on the blanket covering the ottoman. I don't think he's all that . He walks up quietly and stares at her.

Then looks at me...

Then looks back at her...

Then walks away. 

He must've decided that it is a good thing to have a few moments of peace.

Or he understands that Sister Callie needs her beauty sleep.

And yes, it is a reminder that we all need our beauty sleep, and we need to get it any which way we can.


  1. I could learn a thing or two from Sister Callie!

    1. She gets her beauty sleep. And I am just glad she has graduated from cuddling and sleeping up in my armpit or around my neck. Sigh.

  2. That cat looks so peaceful. I am going to try to duplicate it today!

    1. She sleeps so hard that she will fall off of wherever she is sleeping. She did that this time. I got tired of looking at her and missed that picture.

  3. If only I could sleep that peacefully...

  4. LOL. She looks so peaceful. Poor Oscar-Tyrone. She has really grown up fast. She looks so long.

  5. She is long like a sausage dog. And heavy now too.

    I liked when I could hold her in the palm of my hand. Can't do that anymore!

  6. She's so pretty...and loooonnng! I need to be getting some cat napping in like her right about now!

  7. When my cocker spaniel that passed, Toffee, was young I allowed him to sleep on my bed. I woke up one morning with him laid out across my back. Picture that, an almost 30 lb dog laid across my back. I woke up in a panic, I didn't know what was on me and why I could not move. I did so much wiggling that he finally woke up and got off my back. That was the last night he was allowed to sleep in my room. We must have both been having some good sleep that night for me not to feel him on me and for him to be dead asleep on me. Lol.

  8. Lol. She knows sleep is important.


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