Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Milk and Cookies Picture Show, Part I

So... I was sitting at home, minding my own business and I got a call from my brother Milk and Cookies. He wanted to know if he and the boys could spend the night.

Back up a minute.

Now I knew he was in town. I knew he wasn't here to see me, so my thing with him was to make SURE that he went by our grandma's house. ALL she talks about is his sons.

"Lisa, you know Kari say he gonna bring the boys to see me... blah blah blah."

That is ALL she talks about. So I told him that if he stops by there, then call me. I live 10 minutes away and I can get a chance to see the kids.

But, he wanted to come spend the night. OH JOY. Such a surprise.

I was sooooo happy to see them! I haven't seen the oldest one since his first birthday (he is six now), and I have never met the youngest one (he's four now).


(Whatever that means. It means I was very happy!)

I just kept grabbing and shaking and touching them. "Ya'll are so big and so real. And ya'll can TALK!!"

(I know they talked bad about me later. "That auntie... she is real crazy.)

Here's a picture of the whole Milk and Cookies Crew.

Milk and Cookies Senior has a beard now. I don't care for that. I still think of him as 5 years old, which means no beard. Clean shaven. And his voice is deep. I am not use to this.

I miss my brother so much. He use to be my running partner. Sigh.

Here's a pic of the whole family. 
Such a good looking crew! All teeth.

Another picture of the boys.
They are such delightful kids. I forgot how much fun it is to talk to little peoples. They had me laughing so much.

Stay tuned for more pictures.


  1. Anonymous10:58:00 AM

    I love talking to the little kids too! They have so much joy!

    Enjoy your visit with them!


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