Monday, June 13, 2016

Lives Lost

Lives lost.

50 lives lost.

Such a tragedy. Tragedy is not a strong enough word for what happened in the early morning hours of Sunday morning. But it is the only word we have to describe the horrific event.

All kinds of thoughts are going through my head: thoughts drenched in confusion, anger, sadness and such.

But one thought in particular outshines all of that.

Soon all the cameras will be gone. All the discussion will be over. And the next mass shooting will take the space and place of this one (and you know there will be other mass shootings).

But you, the family of those who lost their lives that night, are left alone with the ache of losing your loved one. You can't go on to the next thing. I know it's a hurt that may never heal.

My thoughts, prayers and sympathies are for those who lost someone they love. People lost their children that night. My heart goes out to those families.

My  thoughts are with a community that will never be the same again.

And my thoughts and prayers are with the LGBT community, who are constantly vilified, but have been vilified in the worst possible way.

And for that, my thoughts are with you.

My prayers are for you to heal. 

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