Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Milk and Cookies Picture Show, Part IV (Time with Grandma)

I think the most interesting time with my nephews was over at my grandmother - their great-grandmother's house.

When I got there, Grandma ran up to me (as fast as she could), all excited squeaking "Do you see who is here?"

She shook her balled up fists in the air because she just could not get more words out. I notice when she gets excited and happy, she can't find the words. And that Saturday she couldn't find the words.

It reminded me of how every time we talked, she would say "You know, Kari said he is bringing the boys down here."

And I was thinking to myself... Now you know good and well Kari and driving all the way from Colorado to here with family in tow. That's just too much going on.

But her fists shaking excitedly in the air was her saying I told you so.

I was glad my skepticism was wrong. She's 87 years old. I told Kari to make sure to get by there, 'cause Grandma is 87 years old and may be going to glory one day.

I only got a few pictures. I was only there for an hour at the most. But I did want to get some pictures with Grandma.

I only got one good one of them together. I could not get everyone to look at the camera all at the same time for enough pics, lol. 

She is pleased as punch!!

Here's another. Grandma is telling them to look at them taking the pictures.  Look at the camera, Grandma. Dang!

These two love to take pictures. Not sure what's up with Junior and these pseudo-gang signs, lol. 

He loves taking pictures. He could take them all day long.

I'm just glad that Grandma got some time with her great-grands. It was such a treat, one  I know she will talking about for awhile.

Correction: one she and I will be talking about for a while. 


  1. Be thankful Doc. Being blessed with extended family. . . PRICELESS!!!

  2. These are great pictures. The love in their hearts is just glowing right on out of their faces!


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