Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Freestyles


BUT it is not Pay Day.


But I will tell you what happened this morning.  I was reaching for something on my bookcase and out fell a bag of cash.

I hollered GLORY!!

And once I got to work, I counted it.

It was a gang of $1 bills. $33 to be exact.

There was receipt in there. For some reason, I threw all the dollar bills from my birthday money cash-in into a baggie... then stuffed it up in the bookshelf.

Not sure what I will do with it. Heck, I haven't even spent my birthday money. Maybe I will save it up until next birthday. I don't know. We will see.

On to freestyles.

Picture of the Week. My sister posted a pic on Facebook. She was going out with some friends.

What a lovely picture. Look how they living in the middle east.

Man, I thought for sure they would be walking around covered head to toe. Nerp!

She comes home in a few weeks. I can not wait. I AM COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS.  I miss my sister! I miss her sooooo much.

Song of the Week. Some Kendrick! Some music off his spare album, Untitled Unmastered. 

Levitate, levitate, levitate, LEVITATE!!!

Strange CD. That is one of the few songs I like.It was nice to hear some very rough cuts of music, though, before it is all cleaned and polished up.

So I'm going to put up some OLD Kendrick! Poetic "Justice", the live version.

That's the first song I heard by him. I had fallen asleep with the TV on. Saturday Night Live had come on. I woke up out of my sleep hollering...  

"I hear some Janet Jackson!!! And who is this little boy!?!?!"

*ladylee's face so close to the tv that her eyeglasses clink against the screen*

Favorite part of this song:

"If I told you that a flower blooms in a dark room, would you trust it?
I mean you need to hear this: 
Love is not just a verb, it's you looking in the mirror."

Wow... *lee fans self with Obama church fan*

 Been a fan every since! Yay Kendrick Lamar!!! You've come a long way, Oldboy!

Well the weekend is upon us. This will be a busy one. Oh joy!

You have a great weekend. On purpose!

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