Thursday, June 02, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Man oh man, is it Thursday already?

This week has been a straight blur. How about TWO Thursday Thoughts? Or should I do TWENTY-THREE Thursday Thoughts?


I do suppose I have that much on my mind.

But I will stick with the TWO Thursday Thoughts.

Vacation is OVER. So... there was a knock at my door the other day.  I live deep in the hood so I go to the door and holler

"WHO IS IT???!!!!!??"

(And I yell it in a deep voice. I sounded like I had a gun in one hand and a baseball bat in the other)

"It's Wayne," I heard from the other side of the door.

I smiled like I had just won the lotto.  I threw the door open.

"Wayne!" I yelled. "It's you, Wayne!"

"Yes," he replied with a smile. "I'm back from vacation now."

"Yeah, I heard about this vacation," I said, my eyebrow raised.

Vacation. Yeah, vacation.

In other words, this is the brotha who cuts my grass in the summers. His 'vacation' was some jail time. He'd been gone some 9 months or so. This meant I struggled with raking my own leaves. I began cutting my own grass, until some joker came down the street wanting to cut it. (I'd seen him cutting other folks grass, so he could cut mine.

That joker was charging $40 every two weeks.

Wayne charges $15 every two weeks. And he did a GOOD job.

The other joker did alright. But I wasn't satisfied. It looked like Callie Jo and Mitch had cut my grass. And he wouldn't cut hedges.

Wayne does it all: cut hedges, mows that grass, cleans out all the brush.  He uses all my equipment. Whatever, man. Just don't steal nothing out of my garage.

GLORY. His vacation is OVER. GLORY!!!

*church shouts on my front porch*

I paid him $25. 

Glad he is back from vacation.

He needs not go on vacation EVER again.

Series of the Week. I really shouldn't be talking about a "Series of the Week". It's not like there are many I like. Maybe a series of the month. I don't know.

Now I enjoyed Underground. I wrote about that last week. That was phenomenal, absolutely the best series I've ever seen.

I came across one that is also great. Can't stand up to Underground, but I have peeped the 8 episode series twice. And I have watched it only because it was free in my Amazon Prime.

Humans. A British-American drama. That may be the reason I haven't heard of it.

It was one of those days where it was raining and I didn't want to go out so I decided to watch the first episode.  It wouldn't hurt, especially since it is part of my prime.

That was a weekend, and I finished it that weekend. What a good show.

The series takes place some time in the future when every one has an android robot. And it is common thing to have one. It's like having a car. And these androids are amazing: they cook, they clean the house, they will drive you wherever you need to go, they will help you with your physical therapy needs, they take care of your children, etc.

They are well programmed machines who look human.

The conflict/plot line of the movie is that there is a set of androids with a conscience. So they feel. They get angry, they feel pain, they get happy, they get violent, etc. And they have to hide it.

This causes a bunch of confusement. And there are people trying to catch up with them. And no, they don't want to be caught. They ain't about that life, man.  The hell with that!

This is another series that had me all weepy, and pissed, and laughing. That makes it a good one. And it is  one of those that I can watch over and over and see something new.

Definitely worth a watch.

So there are my TWO Tuesday Thoughts.

That wasn't so bad, was it?


  1. Anonymous2:10:00 PM

    His vacation is over...GLORY!!


    1. Thank goodness. And the "joker" who cut my grass before had the nerve to come back and ask to cut it. No sir! Wayne is back!!!



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