Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Mitch!!

So... a cat turns 2 today.


Mitchell Lamar, Esq., that is.

I got Mitch when he was 6 months old. I really wanted a tuxedo cat, and I saw him asleep in a glass cage at my local Pet Smart. And I thought Here is a calm cat. This will be the ideal companion for Sister Callie Jo.

Because Sister Callie Jo was a bit too much for me. And for some odd reason, she thought I was her playmate, especially after Oscar-Tyrone died.

I am NOT her friend. But I thought Mitch would be a good friend.

Now, Mitch is twice as big as he is in the picture above. He was about 7 or 8 pounds in that picture. He's a whopping 15 pounds now.

And all he does is sleep.

This is in strong contrast to Sister Callie. She's always into something, always busy. And I have NO earthly idea where she sleeps.

Mitch?  He likes to lay it out.

He is such a GREAT mannerable cat.  I am "his person", and he tends to follow me around. (Callie is more attached to my sister. She is STILL wandering around looking for her).

Like I said, Mitch is a very good cat.  He had a tendency to chew up cords around the house, and he destroys cat toys, but that is all good. He rarely chews power cords now. I think he got shocked real good. That's enough to deter that behavior, I suppoose.

Lately though, he's been giving Sister Callie a problem: he's been trying to hold her down and have "relations" with her. This catches me off guard. I am sure it catches Callie off guard even more.

But she's a soldier. She snap on Mitch and let him know to go on somewhere with that tomfoolery.

"That's right, Callie!" I holler, startling them both. "I don't know what you said in meow cat talk, but you let that dude know to get up off you! YEAH!!"

I talk gently to Mitch. "Sir, you can't treat Callie like that. And besides, you don't even have working equipment. No sir. Stop it. No means no."

And it never fails that Callie is laying all over him after all that madness. 


But overall... he's a good cat.And that's all I can ask.

Happy Birthday Mitch!!!


  1. Ladylee,

    Did you hear about the movie "The Secret Lives Of Pets"? Looks like a good family movie for everyone and I think you would like it being that Mitch and Calliejo probably "got stuff goin' on" when you're not at home. :)

  2. They are so cute! Happy Birthday Mitch!


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