Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Best Uber Eats Meal EVER

I like UberEats, but I haven't used them much since one of the restaurants I like is no longer in the system. So they lost some of my business. So instead of purchasing something once a week, I average about once a month or roundabouts.

There's a local natural juicer that I like called Rawesome Juicery. It's two miles from my job down at the Municipal market (The "Curb Market), but it's a BEAST getting in and out of there. (I have had to learn to try and go at the right time).

So they may have the juice I like once per week through UberEats - "The Refresher" - it's a cold press juice made up of pineapple, mint, lime and apples.

Sooooo good!

And then today I saw they offered a salad.


They've never done that before. And they have a chopped kale salad that I absolutely LOVE.

Here's a picture of one I had last week.

That is the best salad in the whole entire world. All for $6.50.

Best in the whole entire world.


They offered a similar salad for sale this week. It was similar, but contained half spring greens and half kale. And unlike the kale salad, it contained chopped cucumbers.

I decided to get it, since it is azz hawt outside and I ain't trying to walk it out for lunch. It is easy for me to just run out and grab it from the Ubereats driver in front of the building!

So here's my salad.

It was HUGE!
And oh so good.

And here's my juice.
The Refresher was great as always. It's pricey but very fresh. They juiced that this morning!

I can pour that over a full cup of ice and it will water down and last alllll day.

Good eatin'!  Good drinkin'!

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  1. try not to wait all day to drink your juice...after a few hours the good stuff in it is no longer as effective after you open it. to get optimal goodness from juiced drinks, you should drink it right away and on an empty stomach.

    Those salads look soooo good. I love me a good salad and a good juiced drink.


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