Thursday, August 25, 2016

This Week in Good Food News...

My sister is gone back to the UAE...

*ladylee with the sad face about to CRY*

I miss her.  I have only talked to her once since she arrived back there.

 I am alright, tho.

Anyway, she has a favorite restaurant,and it has been her favorite restaurant for years.

Tropical Cuisine in College Park, Georgia.

She's been telling me about it, and I've simply nodded as she talked.

All the time in my mind I was thinking... "That place is off in the 'hood in the cut. Ain't no way I'm rolling up in there!"

Well, we were trying to pull together a dinner for her and some of my friends and we decided to meet at this place on a Sunday. But they were closed on Sunday.  So the Saturday before she left to go back to the UAE, I asked if she wanted the two of us to run down there for dinner. She said yes, but she wanted to get takeout and bring it back to my house. I was cool with that.

We arrived and there were a good amount of people ordering and waiting for take-out. We placed our order and it took about 15 minutes or so. We sat around and chit-chatted. 

We paid for our dinners and returned to my house.

My sister got the oxtail dinner with cabbage, brown rice and a side of plantains.
 I got the shrimp in brown stew, cabbage, brown rice, and a side of plantains.

Man oh Man!!!!!!!

When I tell you it was GOOD!!???!

It was GOOD


I don't know what the "brown stew" is. I don't even care. You can call it whatever you want.  It was GREAT!

I tasted one of my sister's small oxtails. They were good too.  

Why in the world hadn't I gone to Tropical Cuisine before.

I was being hard headed I suppose.

Well, not anymore. No ma'am. No sir.

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