Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Freestyles... The "Roach" Edition



And this has been what my week has been like...

I have the Callie Jo blank face... eyes wide with a mild touch of bewilderment and a hint of anger.

It's just that some things that have gone on at work that piss me off. And I acknowledge that. Only for the moment. I have been journalling and pondering, and I tell you, more good has gone on than bad.

The bad sometimes is like a roach on the wall that catches your eye. The house is clean, all is well... but that doggone little roach is on your mind. 

You know what I mean.

It is amazing how one little thing clouds up the whole week. So many other great things happened (as usual)

But that roach... 

Story of the Week.  Them doggone swimmers! Our perfect beloved Olympic swim team!

This news cover describes it best.

That boy's speedo is a blazing fire!!

So, Lochte claimed he got rob... yet he and his boys vandalized a restroom at a gas station and pissed on a wall. They tried to walk off, and security wasn't having that!


As usual, cameras are everywhere, and they were caught in a LIE!


That lie of his... it's like that roach on the wall...

You know what I mean... We're winning all those gold medals! We are all proud...

And then there's this.... damn roach.  

So you know what us black folks have been talking about... yes, all at work, all over the radio shows!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, if it were some black male track and field athletes that had done such a thing.... WOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!

We would be dragging them through the mud.  At worst, they would've been shot dead by the police.

And all that "Camera footage" would've disappeared.

(You know the drill. That's what goes on here in our country).

And it's HILARIOUS... the whole spiel now:

"Oh, they're just kids."

WHAT?  Lochte is 32 years old! This is some mess that we did when we were teenagers. Stop it, dude.  You're a grown azz man. Cut it out!

Yet, I have had to watch young Gabby Douglass get dragged through the mud for her hairstyle and for not putting her hand over her heart when the the Star Spangled Banner.


But you know... This CRIME they committed was just boys being boys.  (YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME).

Double standard deluxe.  All day every day.

I'm not mad. It's just the irony of it all. 

So much bad seed is planted everyday about how awful I am as a black person, that I have to remind myself DAILY that I am a successful human being. I am not a law breaker, out here rioting and burning down stuff, and I'm not in poverty. I own a home and two cars. I have money in the bank.  I am not a criminal. I am a great scientist.

I am an AWESOME and WONDERFUL Oldgirl.

Funny... I'm around black and brown people who are just like myself each and every day.  I'm never around the people they portray us to be.

Sometimes... you have to learn to just encourage yourself. 

Sometimes you have to pick up a proverbial can of bug spray and rid your house of lifes' roaches.

(Did you like how I just slid that piece of Food for Thought of the Week up in your life just now? Did you?)

Oh well!


*ladylee waves American Flag proudly*

Song of the Week: This one goes out to the whole Olympic team, especially that Lochte fella!

Come on, Lochte! Dance with me, babes! 

So high you can't get over it!
So low you can't get under it!
Here's a chance to dance our waaaaaaayyyy.... out of our constriction!!!! 

*chair dancing hard*

Man oh man... I don't know what  I have planned for the weekend.  I know I need to clean up. And I wouldn't mind a good movie!

We'll see.  All I know is that it will be a good weekend... on purpose!

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