Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

It is time for...




1. I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I took the morning off.

2. I should've taken the whole day since I have 880 hours of sick leave. That is 40 weeks of sick leave. That's 200 days. That's six months of sick leave. That's a LOT of leave. (I'm not sure my calculations are correct... I just know that that's a lot of time).

3. By year's end, I will have 8 weeks of vacation leave. Looks like I need to be thinking about a vacation.

4. I had this salad for lunch today.

I think I need to learn how to make it instead of paying $6.50 for it, you think? Because I could enjoy this several times a week.

5. My good deed for the day: I purchased a bag of fresh cut-up rutabaga for a coworker. I hate rutabagas. I was happy to buy some for someone else though.

6. While doing said good deed in #5, I did another good deed: someone waaaaay hopped up on their drug of choice wanted some muscadines. I bought her $2 worth.

7. I wonder about her life. What possesses someone to get high and roam around the curb market!? I mean she was flying way high. Thank goodness she didn't follow me around.  And I hope she gets her life together. 

8.  I pick up my last CSA box today. It has been an interesting 2 month experiment. I may do it again next summer.

9. This hasn't been the best summer at work. I haven't gotten much done.

10. SOMEHOW I had a great mid-year work review.

 SOMEHOW.  Glory!

Praying for more favor and praying to be more productive this fall...  on purpose!!!!

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  1. You constantly amaze me. Even though you weren't feeling well, you reached out and bought rutabagas for a stranger. P.S. I hope that you feel better. Love your blog!


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