Monday, August 08, 2016

Good Monday Afternoon: Intl' Cat Day Edition

Good Monday afternoon!!

Today Is International Cat day. *throwing glitter*

Not all excited about that. I just find it interesting that there is a day for EVERYTHING. And I have noticed that on Twitter, whatever special day it is is trending.

So I thought I would put up some cat pictures. Yippee! LOL

Happy Cat Day to that Mitchell and Callie Jo.

I took this picture last week sometime. I woke up and they were both looking at me. I'm not sure what that was about. Thank goodness I don't sleep on that side of the bed. Humph.

I've tried to get some selfies, especially since I came across this picture of a guy and his cat on twitter.

Man, that is gangster. They look like they 'bout to go whoop some tail.

I know I can't get any selfies with my cats. They don't stay still long enough. And they won't look directly into the camera.

Anyway, I came across this picture several months ago.

Callie likes to climb the back of the chairs whenever I am sitting at the dining room tables. I have watched her bust her azz quite a few times with her acrobatics.

Then I came across this picture.

Me with Sweet Sister Callie. Sister Callie when she was a baby kitty...

And not always destructive... not always on fleek, like she is here.

I swear. I don't even think she blinks. She is always wide open, trying to figure out how to tare up something. Sigh.

International Cat day. I am not doing anything special for the kitties.

Maybe a rub on the head.

That's it.

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