Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Comey is OUT.

The FBI Director Comey was FIRED!


That caught me COMPLETELY off guard.


I heard about it around the time I was leaving from work. I thought it was a joke.

Even Comey thought it was a joke.

I have a couple of questions about all this...

1. How do you get fired and learn about it from television? Shouldn't these types of things be done a bit more professionally?

2. You mean to tell me that Comey literally handed the election to Trump, and he turned around and FIRED him? Are you serious?

Couldn't be me. I know there are gag orders and all that type of legal things, but I'd drop a dime on some folk.

Better yet, I'd go straight up Shawshank Redemption on some folks.  A bunch of people.

(You'd get that if you saw the movie).

If I'm going down, a whole bunch of folk going down with me.

That is all.

But, I heard he has to testify at the Senate hearing. I wander how that's going to go.

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  1. It's definitely a 'Comedy of Errors'. Just get yourself a bag of popcorn, a comfortable chair, sit back and watch the show.


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