Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday Evening... Again.

Another lovely Monday evening is here... again.

And I say that out of happiness to be alive to see another week.

I have been hobbling along with my sprung or broken toe. Not sure what it is. But it was a BEAST getting from my car to my desk. First of all, it was raining when I got to work, so I had to sit in my car and wait for it to stop because there was no way I was going to bust my tail in the rain.


Then I tried to play it off and walk normal... and my normal walk turned into something Quasimodoish. LOL

Later in the day, my boss called and wanted to discuss some work. He had meetings in his office with others, and wanted to talk to me later after those meetings. I felt the tears well up somewhere deep inside as I imagined myself hobbling over to the other building, where his office is located. Luckily he said he would drop by my desk.

*hard exhale*

So I hobbled most of the day. A cubicle mate ran and got me some ice for my foot. It feels a little better, but I know I won't be turning big swooping cartwheels anytime soon.

Anyway, when I got to my desk to this morning, there laying on the keyboard was something I'd ordered through one of my cubicle mates.

A food grade kit of essential oils.

There are 3 oils: Lavender, peppermint, and lemon.

But my cubicle mate is the queen of essential oils. And her supplier is awesome.

I wanted some drops for my water to make it more interesting. And these are also great aromatics, where I can put a dab under my nose and feel alright about life!

I eagerly dug the cash out of my wallet and threw it on her desk.

So I am looking forward to testing those out.

That was my happiness for the day... that and the awesome vietnamese food I had for dinner.

I am thankful for these cool weather temps, that will apparently be around for the week. Hopefully, this will give me a give me a little time to get my AC serviced, because I will NOT be hot this summer. Nope!

But May is here... and soon we will be hollering MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I wonder how life will be then...

Correction: I wonder how life will be under 45's presidency.

I wonder if... America will be great again.


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  1. Anonymous6:04:00 PM

    The doTERRA essential oils are great. A few drops will do the trick. Enjoy!



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