Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Happy Birthday Sister Callie

I meant to mention it last month, but I forgot.

(Even though I look at her every single day)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sister Callie Jo.

Here's a picture of her as a kitten.

She was only 0.75 pounds when I got her. I could encircle her little chest with my index finger and thumb.

She is a big 9 pound cat now.

And she's always into this that and the other.

When I see a towel move, I know she's involved.

She is constantly on guard when the Big Orange Monster growls in front of our house.

She likes to sleep here and there while keeping watch from her lookout post  (the window).

She likes pushing boulders through big tunnels, meaning, she is very much into these toys given to her by the Cowgirl Cre.

For some odd reason when I sit at the dining room table, she tries to balance on the chair and my back and practice her  acrobatic moves. 

When she falls and busts her azz... hilarious. 

She likes to forage food  from  the forest floor, i.e., she likes to eat the spinach that falls to the floor while I fix my salads.

One day I was having a personal shredding party and shredding old bills. I was emptying the paper clippings in a box to discard later. Bust Sister Callie found the clippings and made  a bed out of them.
That was all well and good.   I could just leave it there for her.

But  I came home one day from work  and saw this:


Now it was one thing to come home and have to pick up a few paper clippings that had been tracked out across the floor. This took no more than a minute or so. But when I saw the box completely knocked over, that was it for them. 

She and Mitch glared at me as I had the nerve to clean up and vacuum their cozy bed. I threw ALL those clippings away.

They were not happy about that

That's too doggone bag.

She's a good cat. She's HIGHLY active, and always looking for something to get into. Sigh.

My sister Kentucky is HER person, and she makes it clear that I am not her person.  I have no idea where she sleeps at night (she tends to hide).

But with all that? Still a nice cat.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sister Callie Jo!

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