Wednesday, May 03, 2017

My Magic Shoes

These are my shoes.

Correction: These are my MAGIC shoes.

That's how Forrest Gump said it. And I understand what he means now.

And yes, I have 2 pairs.

I busted my toe on Saturday night. I rose from the sofa and hit it on the coffee table which was set a bit too close to the sofa (I'd moved it to vacuum earlier that day).

What's worse is that I didn't hit the big toe or the little toe, which is more common when this crap happens. But I hit the toe next to the little toe. And I hit it HARD.

So, I have been walking like Quasimodo.

I never thought that this little injury would have me so out-of-pocket... ugh!

One of my issues have been my shoes. I don't bother much with shoes. I have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. That is IT. I'm not a shoe hound.  I just threw away a couple of pairs of shoes, so I am literally down to 2 pairs of shoes.

Now when a foot injury happens, I am at a loss. And for a couple of days, I have been wearing my sneakers, which hurts like crazy. I untie the shoestrings, and hobble around. I have needed some flip-flops. But I get the hard bottom lip quiver at the very thought of walking all the way through Wal-mart to the shoe section for some flip flops.

"You need some soccer shoes," cubicle mate Lady M has been hollering.

"I don't know where to get those," I wail back at her, as I try to keep from busting out crying.

She described them to me. I have NO idea what they have to do with soccer, but it's what I needed.

I have thought much about this. I decided to give it until the weekend to see how things go, but I really needed some open-toe flip flops. And I would go get these soccer shoes.


I got a call last night as I was about to leave work. It was my cubicle mate, Lady M.

"Hon, I'm at Wal-mart and they have soccer shoes. You want me to get you a pair?"
My heart jumped with joy. "Yes, get me a pair."
"What size you wear?" she asked.
"Are they mens or womens shoes?"
"Womens," she said. "They have sizes 9-10, and 11-12."
"Get me that size 9-10".
"Okay," she said, then hung up the phone.
I called her back a couple of minutes later. "Hey, get me two pair. Get that size 11-12, too."
"Alright," she said.

I hung up the phone and almost cried.  But I kept it to the hard lip quiver.

I tell you, I don't think about these things. But for the past few days, I've had to put my clothes on slowly. I've had to walk slowly. I have to gear myself up to keep up with simple chores around the house. And I've had a HUGE fear of people coming around corners and running into me and stepping on my foot.

It has been so psychological, it has.

But I arrived at work today and saw these shoes in my chair.

They're my MAGIC shoes. And they are glorious. The sole is memory foam. They feel SO GOOD.

The swelling has been going down steadily, but I needed 2 different shoe sizes. That left foot is swollen and bigger than the other.

I hope to be back to normal by Sunday. If not, time to find a doctor. I don't want to come up out of pocket for medical care for this, but if I have to, I will.

I can at least walk well enough, and that's a good thing.

Now if I could only walk all through the Wal-mart...

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