Tuesday, September 12, 2017

That Doggone Irma!


That doggone Irma got me all jacked up.

First of all, the workplace was shut down for Monday and Tuesday. So you know, I was all good with that... some free time off! Yes!

I should've known there would be a slight problem when I was watching the news and the WHOLE state of Georgia was covered with one giant swirl...

And yes, I'm still on that bootleg, with the flat screen TV on top of the tube TV. My sister bought that tube television for me at the thrift store for $35. I will not get rid of it. It is a sentimental thing, you see.

As you can tell, I was relaxing HARD, laid out on the couch wrapped in my favorite micro suede blanket, my feet clad in a new pair of black socks. I had on a pair of leggings and a tank top. I was feeling GREAT!

Then BOOM!

I knew that sound. It was an explosion. It was the transformer blowing.

It was around 3:30 pm.

Lights out.

No lights.

I found the three lone candles I had. They were conveniently up on the mantle. Let's just say my house smelled STRONGLY of peaches, flower, and cinnamon. My scent cells in my nose are OVERLOADED. But I had some light.

I tell you that after this, I'm finding a survival or camping store and I'm buying a kit... some lanterns and ish like that.

I feel like I'm in an episode of The Color Purple.

I'm expecting Celie to walk in at any moment and holler "Ya'll want somethin' to eat??"


Georgia Power put up some crazy message talking about it could be days or weeks before power is restored. Georgia Power, I live in a gentrified area, and if you don't stop talking that foolishness, you know these white folks gonna crash the lobby of your downtown building with torches and pitchforks. That power better be on TONIGHT.

If not, oh well. We need to think about people who lost everything due to the storm. Or have a house full of water and got to figure it out. A power outage is temporary at best, and it reminds me how much I rely on it. And that will be the lesson learned. 

But these are high class problems, you know.  I left the Lucy the Lexus in the garage (since it is stuck in there due to the power outage) and cranked up Pam the Protege and went on down to the hospital and spent the day with Scoot Booty. That little dude has gained a whole pound since he was born 3 weeks ago! Go Scoot Booty!

Irma is gone, spinning out in Tennessee somewhere.

I don't think we can take anymore hurricanes. So let's just hope and pray for a long long break from them! 


  1. Anonymous2:37:00 PM

    Yes, Irma was a mess. My folks had me scared my patio furniture was going to fly through my windows! But in my head I was like we gonna get some rain and some wind and I looks like Georgia gonna get more than us. Exactly what happened. Some parts of Montgomery got some strong gusts, but overall we were spared. Just praying for those who are still suffering from these last two hurricanes.

    1. There was a LOT of wind, enough to have my house shaking. Praying for those hit hard by Irma, too... No more hurricanes!!


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