Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Pony Dreams

Right now, I have this very strange thing for sending out highly decorated greeting cards in the mail to my friends. Here are a few recent ones.

I keep a LARGE bag of stickers at work, and when I need a little stress relief, I will sit down and play with glitter and stickers. (Yeah, it's silly, but uh... it works for me, alright?). I haven't done this as much as I like lately, as we are preparing for a major audit on the job right now, but when I get a chance, I sit down and work on a card or two.

One that was really funny was a card I made back in April. It was for my book club sista Tracey. Tracey is a REALLY funny chick, and she always refers to herself as the "Best Dancer down at the Pink Pony". The Pink Pony is a popular Atlanta strip club.

Tracey's praise and rantings about the Pink Pony use to amaze and confuse me to no end. I mean, I could tell that she was a professional woman. But she danced at the strip club at night after work and was proud of it??

You know me. I am always learning from people and their situations. I figured that, if this woman could be so proud of being a stripper, well, I could be proud of myself too, in anything I do.

I thought of it as "Pink Pony Pride".

One day, I mentioned this to one of my other book club sistas.

"That Tracey know she love the Pink Pony lounge."

"Girl, don't pay Tracey no mind. She's just joking!"

I was embarrassed that I believed the rantings. It was all a big joke!

But a funny one, no less.

I've wanted to start something new. It has been an interesting idea of sorts. I've wanted to include a short story, some 300-500 words or so, with my cards. This idea is a bit grandiose, but I tried it (once), lol. It looks as if I have to know something really quirky about the person for it to work. (You've seen a bit of this around my blog). Alas, I don't write these much, even though I would love to. I don't pay THAT much attention to people's quirks!

But here's the story I included in Tracey's card. She gave me permission to post it.

It is called Pink Pony Dreams.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Pink Pony Dreams

By LadyLee 4/22/08

The moment had finally come.

Everything Tracey had hoped and dreamed for in life was about to come true.

She was about to get her turn on the shiny silver pole.

She was making her debut at The Pink Pony.

“A dancer,” she whispered to herself while she stood behind the velvet black curtain leading up to the stage. “I’m a Pink Pony Dancer.”

She smiled. She adjusted the bright purple tassels swinging from her nipples and straightened her g-string.

She first saw the advertisement for Pink Pony Dancers on a billboard on I-285, the freeway she took to and from work. Normally, she paid the billboards no mind, but there had been a bad traffic accident, and traffic had come to a stand still. She looked up and saw a picture of a tall leggy blonde dancer pointing straight at her, as if to say. . .

Tracey, we want you. We want YOU to be a Pink Pony Dancer.

Tracey made her way to the median and got off at the next exit. She sped all the way home, running red lights and stop signs as she went. It was a wonder she didn't have a wreck! She parked all crooked up in the driveway of her home, not even bothering to pull the key out of the ignition. Her man Ray-Ray ran outside to see what all the commotion was all about.

"Tracey," he yelled.

She jumped out of the car and ran to him. He caught her in his arms.

“Baby," she said as she backed away from him. She held her hand to her chest, trying her best to catch her breath. "They lookin’ for dancers down at the Pony!”

He smiled, his gold tooth twinkling in the afternoon sun. “Yeah Tracey, you know what's up with that. You gotta go audition. You know you can do it!"

Yes, Tracey already knew she could do it. After all, she’d danced for Ray-Ray at home… often.

But she went to bed that night, a bit disturbed and troubled by it all. She had no idea how she could audition and become a dancer. She had no pole experience. There was more to exotic dancing than bending over in front of some strange man’s face and shaking your behind.

She woke up the next morning and Ray-Ray had done the unbelievable: he’d set up a pole in the living room and anchored it in a large slab of wood. He said he’d bought the pole, but Tracey knew better. She saw a green“Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd” sign in the closet when she went to retrieve her jacket from the hall closet. A bullet riddled stop sign lay behind a large poster board she'd used last year in a presentation at work. She didn’t say anything to him about that, though. Just got her jacket and headed for work.

He and she both knew she needed that pole.

So Tracey practiced. She practiced so much and so many times that she’d burned her thighs on that pole, sliding down the wrong way on it. She even bumped her head n the floorquite a few times when doing the difficult upside-down maneuvers.

But with practice comes perfection.

After working hard on her dance moves every night, her confidence was on fire. She went down to the Pony and auditioned.

The owner clapped his hands slowly when she finished. He hired her on the spot.

And now.

And now… she was about to make her debut. She could hear the DJ cue up a little Uncle Luke…

“Work it out, work it out, work it out now. Work, work…it… out now…”

The music embraced her body. The bass vibrated her teeth and bones. It was that old school club music, something the younger dancers knew nothing about, and it suited her well.

She ran up on the stage, got low a few times for the cheering crowd. (She’d perfected that “scrub the ground” move with her ass long, long ago, you see.)

Then she jumped on the pole, grabbing it higher than any dancer ever had…

And she danced.

Danced like she never danced before.

The end.

I ended the story with:

Happy Birthday Tracey. May all your “Pink Pony Dreams” come true.


  1. Okay... And to quote... You on my last post "What was that old drugfree slogan: "Just say no.""

  2. LOL!!!! I knew you'd run back up me for that one!

  3. Nice cards. [I like]
    My birthday is 1/28 and uh I'll take one [please and thank you] :-)

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    LOL @ the second sixty-eight!

  4. We have a place in town called the Pink Banana. Not a strip club, but I'm sure strippers buy their outfits there as well as other gadgets. Don't ask me how I know cause I'll have to plead the fif. (Yeah fif) Something about "pink" I guess...

  5. love the envelopes! look closely at this pic... see anything interesting? look near the lamp!

  6. @Ms. Behaving...

    Girl, my memory is short! You best remind me around that time! LOL!

    @That Original Oldgirl Chele...

    *Lee squints hard at Chele*

    Chele's been in the Pink Banana buying stripper clothes!! Chele's been in the Pink Banana buying stripper clothes!!!!


    @That Original Oldgirl Miss Celie(lol)...

    *Lee raises eyebrow*

    Yeah, uh-rah, Tayari... Your favorite color is Pink ain't it!?


    I won't mess with that. Won't mess with that at all!!! LOL!!!!

    You KEPT that envelope? WOW!!!!

    I didn't notice it before when looking at that picture. I am STUNNED. Someone else told me they kept their envelope. Ya'll suppose to throw them away!

    Well, gosh. I'm glad you liked it enough to keep it. I shoulda sent a bigger one.

    (And that picture of the lily growing between the stones... Go back and look at that. there's a story hiding in there somewhere. WORK THAT OUT.)

  7. 1. My birthday is next friday so I'm putting in my request now.

    2. Love that story!
    3. Sixty-eight just mad cuz he's wacky for crack.

  8. okay, im with 68 on the story,lol

    but you told it excellently though

    hey me and my Sgt is grooving to your playlist,lmao

    can you imagine two LEO's in the room grooving up in here,lol

    what a sight to see,

    and ummhhh the cards are so cute, now Ladylee the least you can do is make me one for my BD since i aint getting no blanket no time soon,lol

    j/j unless you gone do it????

    hey hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the uplifting words.

    you and 68 are the best,lol

  9. okay me and Sgt are back, we are listening to your playlist while i am reading blogs!!!

    Sgt said you make a brother want to do some things, and go to some places!!!

    Okay we are gonna stop stalking your playlist,lol

    cause he and i then basically got a soul train line started up in here

  10. @ATLien Nikki...

    Uh, honey chile... I don't have your address. You got my numbers! Call a sista, or email me (work email)!


    LOL @"the soul train line".

    I'ma need ya'll to STOP jamming to the playlist and get out there and protect and serve! HUMPH.

    You didn't tell me it was your birthday! Found out on the day before. You woulda got a card. If you want one, leave your address:

    Note: I am NOT a stalker. I don't have time to come to LA and rob a COP! LOL!
    And uh, stop listening to music and go arrest some folks!

  11. Looks like you could easily crossover to scrapbooking with those creative envelopes. Cool!

    Getting a card and a short story?! What a friend!

    If you’re taking requests, my birthday is in September!

  12. I have read this story at lest 5 times. Thank you for writing it for my birthday and sharing it with others. I have to log off now....I am working the Lunch Crowd at the Pony. It isn't a lunch without dessert......Chocolate Drop!!!


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