Friday, January 04, 2013

First Friday Freestyles

First Friday of the New Year!

Everybody got their resolutions in full swing?

You better get on it, babes! We are 1.3% into the year. You better get started on going on that stuff.


I myself am trying to kick the last vestiges of this hellacious cold. And work at the same time.

Trust me, it ain't cute. But I don't feel like using sick time. So negroes gonna just have to hear me hack, hack, hack away!


Work is getting back to normal. More people are coming back from vacation, so the cubicle area is not as quiet. We haven't had much work to do, so that's a good thing. Right now, I'm finished for the day, as far as I'm concerned. So my deal now is probably to leave early.

Sigh. Shame on me!

I don't have much to say today! I just wanted to check in.

Oh, and guess who just had a birthday on January 1st?

My nephew! Milk and Cookies 3.0!

He is walking now! And as you can see, he is feeding himself!

Look at his wispy hair! Where is his doo-rag?

Sometimes he needs help from his big brother, Milk and Cookies Jr.

LOL.  Happy 1st birthday, Milk and Cookies 3.0. You are getting big!

The first weekend of the year is at hand. I don't know what I got going on. The goal is to get in the house and out of this cold air. And to continue to try to get back to 100%. Goodness!

This year has been a good one so far. I have had some AMAZINGLY good heart searching, heart wrenching conversations, starting from 2 days before years end. I think some of it fell on deaf ears, but somehow it was good for me, and some interesting changes I need to make. So that's what I am thinking of, and hoping for, for this year.

Good organic relationships and conversations.

They bring about growth. And that's a good thing.

Ya'll can have the resolutions.  An Oldgirl needs a revelation.

Have a great weekend... On purpose!


  1. Love it!

    I need to catch up with you soon. FFF is resurfacing. Are you game?

  2. I don't know, Bandit. You would really have to talk to me about that. I just don't have much to offer that way.

  3. Happy Newe Year Lady. My goal is to do much better with staying up on your blog. That work for you?

  4. @Blu... Girl, that was something else reading your post today. You know you know how to encourage folks... in any situation. Goodness.

  5. Anonymous8:45:00 PM

    Happy New Year! !!!

  6. blessings and happy new year.

    I am not a traditional type of resolutions gal rather lief lessons/philosophy type which carries through yearly.

    Stay blessed.

    1. oops meant to say "life lessons/philosophy type" blame it on the flying fingers.

  7. Lee You have been trying to hack of a lung from time to time. (Makes my chest hurt!!) But you keep on drinking all that nice organic stuff (dandelions and such) so you can feel better. :)

    As far as this new year... I plan to do some things here at work a little bit different. I will made an effort to blog more often in 2013. I haven't done not one post in months!! (Hangs head)

  8. This year I just want to be a better person. That and I want to look as happy as a child feeding themself............

  9. Awww He has gotten SO BIG!!!


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