Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Freestyles

Happy Friday!

I am glad once again to see it. The only thing that would make it better is if it was PAY DAY.

Alas, it is not. And that is fine.

I have had a pretty decent week. I feel much better, thank goodness for that.

Highlights of my week:

Writing Class- I do like writing class. I sooooo look forward to it every Tuesday night. The discussions are good, the assignments are great. This week's assignment is to take our work in progress and rewrite the first 2 pages, bringing all the action and punch into that first page. Sort of hard, but doable. I've already been working on it, and I think it's going to work out fine.

I'm sad that one of our classmates from the last 6 week session died. Rest in peace, Ms. Linda. I miss your writing already:(

Your friendly neighborhood IRON girl- so I had an iron infusion on Wednesday. This threatened to be bad, because my doctor wasn't in yet and the other docs were on vacation. So I was there for an hour before we got started. By that time it was 10:00 (I arrived at 9).

There was this white woman sitting in the recliner next to mine. She was uh... really interested in what was going on with me, you know, like, listening in and staring hard whenever whenever a nurse came over to talk to me. I decided not to pay her much mine. I slept for a bit. I got a little reading done, and I played on my phone. I made sure to keep my belongings close by. I didn't want this woman snatching my stuff!

When I was finished up, my vitals were taken. This woman was peering at me hard, then. I tell you, I was out in the sticks, out there on Green-Eyed Bandit's side of town. I was NOT going to mix it up with white folks in the southern 'burbs. That's an automatic ride to jail.

This woman starts asking a ton of questions.

What an interesting conversation that was. Turns out we have the same chronic illness, with the same symptoms, and we were both doing iron treatments for the same reason (correction of storage problems). We both have the same hair issues, which affects 17% of sufferers.

Wow. I have NEVER met anyone with the same range of symptoms. She has more problems, since she is older than me (She is 63, I am 43, and she has had it for 40 years).

But man oh man. It was good to talk to her, if only for a few minutes. She should be there next Wednesday. I'm going to save her a seat if I can. I would love to pick her brain.

I get along fine some 95% of the time. But I just had a bad week a couple of weeks ago. I would like understand these things a little better, as it is such a lonely road. I don't even care to explain how I am feeling to people anymore. I feel like no one understands, and I don't expect them to.

But it was good to talk to that lady. She probably saw me sitting there and recognized herself in me. For that I am grateful.

Oscar-Tyrone - You know I've been wailing about Oscar-Tyrone's special food costs close to $70 bucks a month. That's his wet food. His dry food costs $58 a bag. I use it to stretch out the canned food. Well, the other day, I spilled a half of cup of the dry food on the floor. Oscar was on it before I could get up. I decided to let him eat whatever he could and get up the rest.

Well he ate it all. After he had gotten sick back in October, he had problems with his teeth and eating dry food. But I guess it's better now. So I will just watch him. I want this to work out. A bag of the food will last 2 months. That would bring his food costs down considerably. He's not due for a vet visit until fall. I will have to get them to do a dental exam. That little dude might need some dentures! LOL

Pictures of the Week. Thursday was "Bring Your Kids to Work" Day, followed by the Company Picnic at the local city Park.

Lt. Commander. By brought in a full brood of kids - his sons and all his nieces.

A whole brood of kids! All I heard was the voices of kids! "Uncle By!" and  "Daddy!"

Oh my!!!

Such sweet kids, they were. The oldest boy takes karate classes, and even showcased his karate moves. Awesome. I don't want to run into that lil' dude in a dark alley. No sir. He would whoop my tail. Good fashioned.

Lt. Commander Meek-Meek brought her grandbaby Ari...
Another sweet child. I've met her before. She is pure entertainment.  And she's holding that bag of candy given out to the kids like it's a bag of money. She was NOT letting that go.

It was good to see the kids. They are not allowed in the labs, but they have demonstrations and activities down in the big conference room. They all came up to the cubicle areas later, and that was fun.

Video of the Week. Not a big fan of Tweet, but I like this song: "Heaven"

That's it for today. I am looking forward to the weekend! Yes indeed.

I'm hope to have a good one! I hope you do, too! On purpose!


  1. Anonymous10:57:00 AM

    I love your Freestyle Friday posts. I'm having a bad morning. So reading this distracted my thoughts and made me laugh.


  2. You know there are no coincidences right? Your appt was delayed for a reason... Going to be interesting to see what you learn from this lady.

  3. You are too funny!!

  4. I agree with Serenity.

    O has been asking for a dog for years. My friend has a little dog. She just spent $300 on vet bills & medicine. O needs a job before I get him a dog. lol

  5. I hope she is there tomorrow! I hope you are able to pick her brain.

    Love the pic of the kids lol too cute


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