Thursday, July 04, 2013

Holiday Treat: Fruit of the Week

Happy Fourth of July to you ALL!!!

I know many of you have a nice 4 day weekend planned. I don't. But I will enjoy my independence on this here 4th of July, honey! Sure will!!!


I like trying new fruits and vegetables. I see this often at the farmers's market. I saw it again last Sunday.

Jack Fruit!!!

Yeah, uh... that's something you can put on the grill for your holiday, along with those ribs and chicken!

They are HUGE. Big as watermelons, so I guess that's alright. But still... I don't know.
I don't know if I'd eat something like that. But I do see it in this oriental store I frequent, cubed up in cans in heavy syrup.

I haven't tried it yet. I would have to let you order that in a restaurant, and then I can taste a little of it from your plate.

I suppose it is like chitlins... you have to had grown up eating it to like it.


It reminds me of something similar, a cousin of the jack fruit: durian. Durian looks just like the fruit above, but only more dangerous.

Look at that thing. You get bust upside the head with that, you're in trouble. Somebody better call the ambulance!

Durian comes through the lab sometimes. They too are big as watermelons. It is thought to be poisonous if you eat it too soon. And it smells like vomit or rotten onions. (There is nothing like walking past our prep room and thinking, What the world??)I hear it tastes like strawberry cheesecake, though!

Uh, yeah.

I can't get past the whole poisonous aspect. And I'm not eating anything that smells like vomit.

And that looks like some straight alien spawn.

Who in the world was walking through the forest and saw these hanging from the trees and thought "Let's cut that down and bust it open and see what it is! Might be tasty!"

After smelling it, I wouldn't eat it.

Call me snooty.

Or just call me your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl Ladylee...

I'll let ya'll work all that out!

Throw a little on the grill! Let me know how it make ya FEEL!


Enjoy your holiday!

On Purpose!


  1. Happy 4th of July! *pops a firecracker*...I'm one of those with a 4 day weekend and I'm going to enjoy being away from the Plantation tremendously!

    Enjoy your day and stay away from that there Dorian...that don't look too friendly and we know you're our friendly old girl so stick to that jack if you must indulge in exotic fruits and such....

  2. Hope you had a good day Lee!

  3. Blessings....\
    Hope your 4th was great.
    Jackfruit...yuck, yuck and double yuck yuck. My body rejects that like you wouldn't believe, get sick from just the smell of it cooking and worst if i eat it....


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