Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skin, Nails, and Rubber Band Tales


I was walking down the hall in the building adjacent to my own (as I must do to get to my own building when I first come to work). I ran into my fellow Doc, Dr. Hazel Eyes.

I chuckle to myself when I see her. I always think of my brother as a teenage boy. Whenever he would come down to my job to hang out with me, he would always whisper "Hey Shawty... take me over to see that girl with them light eyes. Oooooh weeee, I just like her. Take me to see her!"

And for him to go over there and see her and get his hug in, and for her to ask little questions about himself REALLY made his day. He'd be grinning the rest of the day. (This disturbed me. I could not relate. I would just... listen).

Anyway, I saw her last month.

And she looked different.

She is a bright skinned-ed girl (I would say "high yella", but that wouldn't be politically correct).

But she was darker that day I saw her... much darker.

"Whoa!" I said. "Where have you been?"

"I've been vacationing in Florida!" she beamed.

Yes she had. And she'd been laying out in the sun... from sunrise to sunset. So much so that her complexion was a few shades darker than usual.

"You 'bout dark as me, girl!" I hollered.

I really wanted to holler "You sho' is black!!!!"

Not quite, but close enough. Close enough to notice.

I went back over to her building a few days later and documented this.

She is dark, but not as dark as me.

Notice our accessories. She has a gold link bracelet. I have rubber band. (Serenity_23 is having a conniption fit right now. I asked her a couple of years ago if rubber bands counted as accessories. She said "NO". Sigh)

She even has a thumb ring.
Maybe I can find a rubber band that size and put it on my thumb. (Serenity_23 throws bricks).

I am intrigued by the french manicure.

Now I am such a tomboy. But the girly side of me has always been intrigued by the french manicures. I don't understand what they about. Do they paint the tips of your nails? Or is that an acrylic nail glued to your own nail.

Someone please break it down for me.

I don't ask the Asians who do my pedicures. I can't really understand their explanations, and they just want their money.

But I like them when I see them. I only get pedicures, but I may go get a manicure. It would be nice to have a french manicure. It is quite elegant, it is.

I may even get some precious metal for my wrist. That would be a nice change from the rubber bands, right?

And I might take a vacation. The light in Dr. Hazel Eyes eyes makes me want to find a nice beach... some blue ocean water... and a comfy towel to cover myself as I sleep in my lounge chair.

Yes indeed.

An Oldgirl can only dream!


  1. Stop dreaming and make it happen!

    1. Not traveling with all these medical bills, Ma... Unless Mama Bandit and Auntie Bandit, or one of your Sister Bandits can store me away in her luggage.


  2. I'm w/ Green Eyed Bandit! Stop dreaming and make it happen, Doc! As for the french can go either way. It may be acrylics that already have the french tips OR it may be painted or airbrushed on. As for the rubber bands as bracelets....*HARD stare and sideeye*

    1. Hush, Chicken.

      I like my rubber bands, Ma. They will sho nuff be fly with a piece of gold metal on my wrist too, don't cha think?

  3. Go for it Sis! Unless I have somewhere to go, I usually look like a hot mess, but I get my nails done faithfully twice a month. It does make a difference.

    1. Not a hot mess, Oldgirl!!!! LOL

  4. Mam, please purchase yourself some real accessories. You can go in Forever 21 or Aldo and spend less than $20 on some that look nice.. Stop being cheap! As for the nails, I don't wear fake nails/acrylic but they can polish your natural nails with the white strip on the top. The nails in the photo look great. I want to learn to do them on myself.

    1. OH BE QUIET, CHICKEN! *wraps a length of string around your beak*

      Child... now you know I'm not going to the mall. Not gonna happen.

      I want some real gold. Some herrigbone or gold rope chain... take it back to 1988, you know?

      I might get a french manicure just to amuse myself. We'll see. (however, I found out and allergic to bandage glue... might not want to chance this acrylic on my nails).


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