Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Friendly Neighborhood IRON Girl

Yes it's me...

Your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl...

But these days, you can just call me your Friendly Neighborhood IRON girl.


My hematologist showed me my numbers. No, I am still considered "anemic". I beg to differ with this, as I range a half a point to a point below normal. I am not all tired. I know the difference from "anemia tired" and just regular old I-ain't-getting-enough-sleep tired.

"How do you feel after your iron infusions?" my hematologist asks.

"I feel perfectly fine. The same way I feel before I get them," is my quick response.

I been all nauseated and jacked up for the past week and a half, but that don't have a thing to do with iron.

We were working on my iron storage in my bones and that has gone up considerably. That is a good thing. My hematologist said let's go another round and see what happens.

Here's the problem. One session is 2000 dollars. I pay 250 dollars after insurance.

Not a lot, but it adds up. So I will have had 8 infusions by the time this group is done. Doing the math, that's 2000 dollars out of my pocket.


I can pay that. No problem.

But doggonit. I should be able to do a Wonder Woman spin and fly like Superman by the time this is all over.

It is driving my storage up, which is regulating other things going on in my blood. I find that quite interesting.

But not enough for this to go on infinitely. Nerp.

But for now, I will just do what I'm told and go through these last couple of infusions.

It's just me and the iron bag.

Then I will return to being your friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl...

And I will be Wonder Woman in my dreams.


  1. OMG....sending (((HUGS)) from the north side of town! I hope you feel better soon.

    And you are right after all that you should be able to leap small buildings in a singe bound!

  2. Wow. Yeah, probably best to just hush and let it do what it do. Keep us posted.

  3. I guess the doc knows best. I was wondering why all that for a half point to a below normal would make you have to get an infusion. The building up of iron in your storage makes sense.

    The hit to the pocket wow. Glad you are blessed to be able to pay. Take care.

  4. Anonymous2:13:00 PM

    Oh Ladylee,
    That doc is pumping you up with blood! Get home soon.


  5. Well, being the Iron Girl just means you can serve as a super hero now, lol. I'm sure your doctor is just trying to make sure you stay well. Hang in there!


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