Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fruits of the Week (Month)

Not just fruit of the week... Fruit of the month.  Heck, fruit of the Summer

For some odd reason, I have a hankering for peaches, cherries and nectarines.

I am not sure what is up with that. First of all, I know it's cherry and peach/nectarine season. But I am having serious cravings.

I read somewhere that we should eat intuitively. That means, if you are craving something, then there is something in it that your body must really need, so you should pay attention that.

Interesting concept... I don't know how that works out for you all out there who crave chitlins.  More power to you. Maybe you are in desperate need of protein... Yes, that's it!

Now, not only do I crave these fruits, I like to do a little extra to make them better:

I like to add oven roasted pecans or walnuts. I have this down to a science. Pecans take approximately 10 mintues. Walnuts, twice as long.  I spread the nuts out on a little foil sprayed with butter flavored Pam and add a teaspoon of cane sugar and I'm GOOD.

I remember looking for recipes for "candied" nuts and most called for adding a cup of melted sugar which is just waaaaay too much going on. I think I found a good balance. A teaspoon is good enough for me!!

So that's my fruit of the week. No, fruit of the month.

I wish that peach and cherry season could last all year long. That would be wonderful!


  1. Anonymous11:50:00 AM

    I am drooling over that bowl of fruits with the nuts on top.


  2. Ummm yea! I WILL be doing a bowl of fruit like that this evening! YUM!!!!


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