Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Morning Rambles.

Good Monday Morning.

The weekend was TOO short. My goodness. I don't understand.

I didn't leave the house on Saturday. I lounged around, did a ton of chores, and lots of writing. It was just a time to go and decompress.

These days, you have to do things early, because I don't know where you live... but in the ATL? Late afternoons bring monsoon rains. It rains cats, rats, and dogs. EVERY day. Bizarre. But let's just say there's no semblance of drought or rules for when to water your grass. This would've been a great year for a garden!

I need some time off. I remember that time I took a whole month off for my birthday! Wow! I need THAT type of time off. I need some time off where I can fast and pray and read and journal and that type of thang. I need that type of time off where I can work some things out in my head. Really.

Alas, I don't see that happening too soon. I haven't been feeling the best, but I am feeling better. And I have been more focused and productive the past week. That's what I truly want: to have productive days at work, where the time goes by pretty fast. I don't mind working when it is like that. Not at all.

My Weekend. Now what has made me happiest of all this weekend is that I have been working on a rewrite of Sweet Heat. I gave Josephine, my writing class classmate and someone who's work I'm a stalker stan fan of, the first rewritten chapter and she loved it. That had me a bit O_O because her writing is so refined and eloquent and Sweet Heat is a little off-the-cuff. So that gave me confidence to go ahead and work on condensing the 950 page manuscript down.

My writing class teacher thinks that it can be broken down into two or three books. I think I've learned the skills to go forward and do that. Class has gotten deeply psychological, going off in the realm of why we write what we write, and where we see ourselves going. For some odd reason, that has lit a fire under my tail to make decisions. I have so much stuff laying around, and now I am pretty definite on the route I want to take. And that's a good thing.

So I finished a second chapter this weekend, and I am currently working on a third. It seems to be coming along nicely. I am not as upset as I thought I would be about culling out huge pieces of unnecessary material. The story is tighter, and it seems to be moving along faster. And that's a good thing.

President's speech. Did you see the President's off-the-cuff speech on Friday afternoon? If not, here you go:

I was wondering if he was going to say something. You know how political he is. I expected him to be quite tightlipped. But I'm glad he added his perspective and put all of this in context. No, as usual, he can't please everybody. I don't expect him too.  But between the President and the Attorney General, two black men, they could at least make some statements. Both have done that.

Essentially the President has had to explain to white people why the black folk are so upset. He tried to do that. I am glad he talked about what it felt like to be his old self in this world, the old "Barry".

So I think he did the best job he could. At least he said something.

I still maintain that George Zimmerman didn't get off scot free.

You see, you and I can go into a store and pick up some cold medicine if we are sick.  We can go in the store and get skittles and tea.

Georgie can't do that.

Ever again.

It's gonna be a heck of a life always having to look over your shoulder and not even being able to enjoy the simple things of life that we all take for granted.

Yes indeed.

Great post on this subject by my blog bruh:  Don over at Minus the Bars with "Like George Zimmerman, I walk away from the "Trayvon Martin Trial" with a Peculiar Look on my Face"

Picture of the week.  My girl, my girl, my girl... Baby blog sista, that chicken Serenity_23, cut all that long natural hair off.

She text me that picture, and i thought it was one from 3 years ago.

I asked if she at least kept a lock of her hair. She said "For what?"

I told her that I think she should twist it. If she can twist that little bit of hair, she's a bad sista!! HA HA!

Chicken!! You always trying to be like me. Stop that!


She texted some pictures my way. I'm glad. I need to get a hair cut and I'm taking her pictures to the barber with me. Shouldn't be hard. I'm going a lot lower than that. I want to get up in the morning and not even have to comb my hair, man. My hair has grown only an inch, and in some places 2 inches, in the last 2 years. They should be done with me in a jiffy.

S23... you need to stop trying to be like me! LOL

Song of the Week.  You know I'm a Miki Howard stalker stan. Here is one of my favorite songs by her: "But I Love You"

Man. That's a sitting-in-the-back-booth-in-the-club songs. You got your sunglasses on and you on your third glass of brown liquor. And you crying and mouthing the words of that song.

And I'm sitting next to you. Sanging the chorus pretty hard.

I think every sister been in that situation. I know I have.

Expect a full battery of posts this week. I even have a couple of stories for you :)

Have a good week.

By design.

And on purpose. 


  1. You just made me laugh out loud. Imagine going to someone's blog and seeing your own photo plastered on the screen lol. I'm anticipating some time off in the fall. I am taking a couple of days off when Tyler returns to school and kayden starts daycare again. I'm going to just sit in the quiet and do nothing..

    1. I remember you mentioning it. But I was thinking, "Hmm, she must've drank too much wine. She talking crazy."

      I like it. I think it is nice. I am showing that to the barber when I go. They look at me all O_o when I come in. He don't have much to cut, shouldn't take but a few minutes!

      I need a few days to be quiet and do NOTHING!

  2. I am on vacation for my bday(July 24) week. 9 days= a week plus two weekends. The longest I have been off is 13 days. That was Christmas/Vacation/New Year's a couple of years ago. They would never let me off for a month.

    I plan to reflect on my last year and my new year Year 43. It has been interesting.

    1. I'm JEALOUS!

      Happy Birthday in advance, hon!

      *throws glitter*

      Reflection is good. I always find that something PROFOUND happened during the year. Equally important, I find those sticky areas where I need to change.

  3. Anonymous4:49:00 PM

    Why did I click on the post and did a double take...this isn't Val's blog! lol! I realized you posted her pic on this post. HAHAHAH.


    1. Wake up, Sasha!! *slaps Sasha lightly on the cheeks* Weekend's over! Wake up!

  4. I'm glad the President spoke about this. He didn't have to but he did. I think he was felt like all us. Think he had to take some time to get his thoughts together.

    Serenity is wearing that cute!

  5. This weather has been crazy! There has only been ONE day where the temps went over 90 degrees this month. And it looks like that's going to hold true through the end of the month. Does that mean it's gonna snow in November?

    I applaud President Obama. He hit the nail on the head. Before he was the leader of the free world, he was just like Trayvon. The sad thing is...we'll never know what Trayvon could have been.

    Nice pic of Val but why is there no pics of ME on this here blog??

    Where is CowgirlCre? Tell her I said whussup.


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