Monday, July 08, 2013

Good Monday Morning.... The Post Holiday Edition

Good Monday Morning!!

Holiday is OVER. Have a good strong cup of coffee, now! It will wake you up from all the swine and liquor you drank over the holiday weekend!


This has been far from a holiday weekend for me. I worked 10 strong hours on the job on Friday. I am STILL tired from that. Then I came home and I've been struggling to deep clean my house...


'Cuz I have a houseguest! One of my readers and fellow bloggers, Mzinspiredmind, aka Sam, aka the soft porn Chicken, Cinnamon Sugar is in town. And she is residing at the literal House of LadyLee for a couple of days.


Yet this means I have had to clean the house completely up. Even Oscar-Tyrone has been a bit quizzical. He hasn't been his usual surly self. He's more puzzled about it all. I only clean up extra hard when I am going out of town. I like to come home to a clean house.

I rarely hang out upstairs so I had to wash up all the linens, vacuum, get the upstairs bathroom in order. Sigh. Wore me out. Then I had to take care of downstairs. Wow.

I did buy a new TV for upstairs. Man, flat screens are dirt CHEAP these days. I purchased a 15" with built-in DVD some 6 or 7 years ago, and it was 500 dollars. Now, a 32" flat screen can be purchased for as little as 200 dollars. WOW.

That is just wild!

(Sidenote: a couple of years ago I walked into the Best Buy and asked where the tube TVs were. I almost got laughed out the store. LOL)

So when she gets here, she decides to hang out on the sofa. I asked if she'd like to retire to her room upstairs... perhaps take a six hour nap? (This is the time I needed to clean up like I want to downstairs). She refuses, and instead she knocks out on my sofa. Sigh. I had to clean up around her, and be quiet.

Even Oscar-Tyrone was looking at her crazy, as if to say, in his best Squeak from The Color Purple voice...

"LadyLee... who this woman camped out on the couch? Who this woman?"


I cooked dinner - stirfry shrimp and sesame noodles and vegetables. She seemed please. I even raided the liquor cabinet (the laundry room cabinet) for a peach cooler. She seemed happy enough. Then I dropped her off at Atlantic Station so she can hang with her homegirl.

We woke up and I fixed her breakfast. She is all nervous, so she wanted a child size plate.

Check out that phat shoe!

Now that has to be the Picture of the Week. Shoe porn and breakfast in the same picture. How eclectic is your friendly neighborhood Oldgirl.

I'm just glad I cleaned my house up. I did some deep cleaning! Glory!

Nothing much planned for the week. I am OFF today. GLORY AGAIN!!

Song of the Week. So I was in one my favorite gourmet grocery stores in Candler Park the other day and I heard this song.

A House version of Portuguese Love?

I wanted to scream right there in the store.  NO ONE should do this song except Teena Marie. UGH!

So I will post her version, the version I absolutely LOVE.

I don't know if Teena remade that song from someone else's song. Man, I don't even know if I understand what the heck she is talking about. But I love that version. Yes ma'am!

Well, that's it for monday morning randoms.

You have a great week!

By design... and on purpose!


  1. how neat!! what a treat to hang with a fellow blogger! have fun and be safe!


  2. Anonymous8:26:00 AM

    Um, just in case you didn't know you havent blogged since Monday. Just sayin', lol


  3. blessings....
    Glad you had fun connecting.
    Not into shoe like you, more into comfort so you won't find this sister in any of that getup.



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