Monday, July 01, 2013

Good Monday Morning

Good Monday Morning!

Today is the first day of the second half of the year!

Aren't you excited!?

Well, I guess you aren't. I am not overly excited, either. Just happy to see a new day!

My Weekend. Anyway, I had a pretty good weekend. For this was an "Operation Pam" Weekend.

Good Ol' Pam!

Ol' reliable Pam!

I haven't driven Pam in a good 3 weeks. Why? Because I got of Pam the last time I drove her, and the back brake lights didn't go off.

So I fooled around with her, pumping the brakes and what-not, and the lights didn't go off.  And that was odd. I had been out all day in the car, even visiting with Grandma.  I know I parked that car for at least 3 hours while on errands and visiting with Grandma. I am surprised the battery didn't go dead.

Whatever. I couldn't figure it out, so I just unhooked the battery and went on in the house. I would just be driving ol' Lucy Junior. No big deal.

That was three weeks ago. My goal this weekend was to get the car fixed. I hooked the battery back up on Saturday morning, just to see if the brake lights were still stuck on. Lo and behold they were:

Oh well. Time to get it fixed.

There were 2 options for this operation. First I could contact Cowgirl Cre's Daddy, Daddy Cre. My second option was to go to the shop that has been taking care of Pam for the past 12 years. The good thing is that I'd bought the part, a brake switch, some six or seven years ago, but it was never replaced. The part that was there only needed to be tightened. It finally broke.  Daddy Swain knew what to do. And my shop knew what to do.

So I called up the Cowgirl Cre and asked her for Daddy Cre's phone number. She said that her parent were on their way over.

So... it was early in the morning, around 8:30 am. I was already up and dressed. I decided to drive on over there.

She lives some 35 minutes away from me. So I jumped in Pam and headed on over!

I was excited to get over there anyway? Why? Because Cowgirl Cre just bought a bike!!

No! That's not a bicycle. That's a real bike. A motorcycle.

She had been taking classes. And she went and got her license. She's ready to get out there on the open rode.

Not exactly. It needs to be tuned up. And we sat around in the garage and watched Daddy Cre do this.

We talked much about what he was doing. I have every confidence now that I can repair Cre's bike if necessary. I sure can.

Daddy Cre repaired my beloved Pam!

While he was working on all this, I walked in Cre's house... and it was smelling good up in there. I looked for the source of the good smells.

That doggone Cowgirl Cre! She been hollering about wanting some ribs! And she cooked some up.

"No, I don't want any," I said. "It just sure smells good!"

I watched Daddy Cre mow Cowgirl Cre's grass.

Him and those patten leather shoes. I've seen him mow grass before in a pair of wingtips.

Oh well, maybe his dress shoes are comfy for lawn work.

That was the gist of my weekend... Other things happened, but I'm trying to keep it short!

I would like to thank everyone for participating in the "Conversations Week". I not only got a lot out of putting my feelings down in words, but I gleaned soooo much wisdom from what so many of you had to say. I am truly thankful for that.

The drawing will be tomorrow sometime. Comments close tonight. So you still have time to win those fabulous gift cards!!

That is it for today. I am off to a doctor's appointment.

Song of the Week. Here's a cut I've been on for awhile. The Roots "The Next Movement".

Have a good week! On purpose.


  1. I was in your next of the woods at a little Southwestern spot on Bouvelard by Memorial. I think its name is Agave.

    I had a great weekend too!

    1. Over in Cabbagetown!! I know that place! GOOD food. Sucks that they charge for parking. Humph.

      It looks mad interesting on the inside, doesn't it??

  2. Replies
    1. If I can remember my password, Ma. Sigh.

  3. I thought it was going to be a conversations month?? I must have read wrong or be wishful thinking. Your posts from last week hit home for lots of people. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. What??????


      Ma'am. You're trying to give us all brain freeze. A whole month of conversations?? Wow!! I can't imagine.

      Would be pretty cool though, hunh???

      I will not TORTURE you all with that. LOL.

    2. Yes!!! Conversations month!!!! I have enjoyed these conversations. It has helped me a lot. Know that.


    1. He sure is. In one hour he taught me how to repair a motorcycle. And he repaired my car for free... with no loooong lecture about how and why I don't need to pay him!!


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