Friday, June 09, 2017

Friday Freestyles... The Salad and Rain Edition


Thank goodness. It has been a LONG week.

But a good one.

This week has been a DOOZY with this presidential stuff. A doozy indeed.

Look what the NY Daily News did to MY president.


Are ya'll trying to piss him off. He's gonna break his twitter fingers fooling with ya'll!


But I am DOWN with Comey with the beloved Shawshank moment. He gave his unclassified notes to his friend to give to the press. I don't think I would've thought about that one. I think I would have sent it anonymously in the mail.

Like Old Boy did on Shawshank.


Trump said he is going to sue Comey for lying.

NOPE. No you will not, Sir. No you will not. Comey and his friend are lawyers. SURELY they thought about all this. No you will not.

This fiasco. Sheesh.

I feel like my President has fallen off his bike. Is there anyone around to help him up and send him in the right direction? If not for himself, for the country?

*longing for the days of that Obama*


This has been a RAW week. (That is probably why  the week has been too long).

My salads this week:

A kale salad
With some purple cabbage, red bell peppers, cucumbers, onions... and some other stuff. I don't remember.

Baby spring lettuce salad.... 

With nectarines, strawberries, pomegranete arils...  and some other stuff.  I don't remember.

Another kale salad!

Same as above, but with some corn thrown on top.

Super good.

I liked the kale salads best this week. So much so that I'm out of kale. I will be visiting my friendly neighborhood Whole Foods when I leave work to get more. Yes, I will.

Drink of the week! Tea!
This is a pomegrante pear green tea roobius something. I get the mixes at a tea house down at the curb market. There were real cubes of dried pear in that tea mix. I'm not sure how they did that. I don't add honey or sugar, just drink it straight on ice. Good stuff! 

With plenty of ice, of course. Ya'll know how I feel about ice.

Best find this week: Baby Avocados. I put a quarter next to one so that you can see how small they are.

These were so good. I don't do well with big avocados, as they end up going bad on me. But these are working out well. I think I will be visiting my friendly neighborhood Trader Joes to buy more.

Song of the Week. So since I've been putting up so many TRAP music videos, I thought I would put up something more a little bit more my speed.  This is a song I heard while I was doing chores last night, and it is one of my favorites.

"You Can't Stop the Rain" by Loose Ends. 

That song has to dayum near 30 years old, but how WONDERFUL is it still?

And why we don't have songs of this quality now? Why????

Oh, and since we are talking about rain, I must share another one of my all time favorite rain songs.

Milara "Go Outside in the Rain"

I not only love that song, but I LOVE the video... for all its cheesiness, or course. Yes, she is depressed and singing, yet she is still SHARP, dressed to kill.

LOVE it!

That is it for me. I am going home. I thought I had a workshop last weekend, but it turns out that it is THIS weekend. It is on blogging. I'm not interested. I've had to really think on it too. I need a good editing workshop. I guess I will wait around for that.

My sister is stopping through this weekend. I don't think she will do well with my salad fare. So I may have to pick up some chicken when I'm at the Whole Foods. Just for her. I might fall out if I try to eat some chicken right now after all this ruffage.

Or throw her my phone so that she can order something off of UberEats. I live downtown, in the hood, JUST within their delivery parameter. So that may have to do.

We shall see.

At any rate, I am fully declaring that this will be a GREAT weekend.

I am declaring that on purpose.

You have a great weekend too!!

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