Friday, June 02, 2017

Friday Freestyles


And it's Pay Day!!!

Which means the blinds of my mind are half closed. I learned a LONG time ago that no one should expect me to do much of anything on Pay Day. No sir, no ma'am!

And today is a lucky enough day... I have been passing back and forth corrections with my supervisor. The blinds of his mind seem to be shut, too.

"Lee, I didn't get those corrections for your protocol back," my supervisor said.
"Uh, yeah. I been finish. By the time you get back to your office [in the adjoining building], you will have it."
"I don't have time to check it. I will just pass it on to Dr. D. [our Director].

*ladylee stares... and closes the blinds of her mind ALL the way*


This has been a great week, seeing that I've had a 3 day workweek. Oh, to be able to work like that all the time. That would be such a joy. Someday!

I bought a fantastic salad today. I didn't have it for lunch. I had a burger and cucumber salad from the same place for lunch. I love this place's burger, because they put a ton of veggies on it (cucumbers, carrots, avocado, spinach, cabbage) and it's very light.

But I have never had their salad, tho. Since it's Pay Day, I thought I would SPLURGE. Spend that extra $8 and see what's up. If it's trash, I'd just throw it out.

But uh... this looks pretty good.

That looks good.

Here's a better picture. I placed a pen next to it so you can tell how HUGE it is.

My goodness... that sure looks good. I will NOT be throwing that away.

They have 3 other types of salads. I will be testing those out to. No more burgers for awhile!

Song of the Week/Food for Thought. I think it is a shame how much of the hip-hop music is soaked in drugs. This has been the growing case over the decades, where drug dealers brag about their endeavors.

However something different is happening in the past few years. Rappers are rapping about actually being ON drugs... like molly, percocets, and the like...


I am seeing this in videos now, whenever I am cruising around YouTube. And I saw one the other day that made me go... hmmm...

"Perfect Pints" by Mike Will Made It.

That is a visually stunning video. But I believe it is what drug induced hallucinations would look like.

Hmm. The lesson I learned here: do not take drugs that will make me hallucinate. No thank you.

I am a big fan of Mike-Will-Made-It as a producer, and of course, I love some Kendrick Lamar. I don't like Rae Sremmumd or Gucci Mane. And the song was so-so. It's not anything I would add to a playlist or even go back to listen to again even.

But that video, tho...


There's another "drug-induced" video that's actually a very good social commentary of the state of the drug culture at the moment.

Danny Brown "Ain't It Funny" (Warning: this video is a little disturbing. Don't say I didn't warn you).

Danny Brown is such an odd bird. My male friends like him. I can't get into him because his rapping voice is way too annoying (although him rapping in his normal voice is pretty good, but I understand he is trying to distinguish himself from others). However, he makes some good experimental rap music, and I liked his last CD Atrocity Exhibition. It was a thought provoking listen.

But this video... it symbolizes a cry for help, yet everyone views his cries as entertainment. And that is not a good thing.

And that made me think. Just say no.

(I think my song of the week discussion  was a partial food-for-thought piece!)

That is it for me. I MAY attend a workshop tomorrow, but I STRUGGLE with anything that occurs on a Friday night or a Saturday morning.  I have NO idea what to do about that. I may just have to start getting up on the weekend at the same time I get up on weekdays. And if I want to do something on Friday nights, I may have to change my work schedule. I don't know. I just know it bothers me.  And there is a good solution to the problem.

I am looking forward to having a good weekend anyway!

You do the same.

On Purpose.


  1. I need to step up my music game ... I have no idea who any of these people are!

    1. I never listen to urban radio, but I have a spotify account so I listen to whatever CDs come out on Fridays. Trust me, I don't like 99% of that stuff. But I am noticing this strange drug craze trend, which I find disturbing and sad.

  2. Jesus (about the video - Danny Brown)

    1. Yes. That was disturbing. As it should be.

      Someone just sold a bad batch of percocet in middle GA, and folks died. I thought of the message of that video.


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