Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Tent City Blues


There has been an ongoing protest concerning the gentrification of my neighborhood.

And some of the protesters set up a "tent city" down at the local stadium, which is about half a mile from my house.

Of  course I took pictures while waiting at the stoplight. 

They were there for some two months.  But now it has been removed.

There were complaints of  it being an eyesore and  a health hazard. I don't know how much it accomplished. I saw them on the news a few time, but let's face it... $300 million is being put into that area.

And like I said, white folk are walking up and down my street "considering" houses.

So gentrification is HERE. Nothing much that could be done about it. If we as a people were financially savvy enough to buy up our own neighborhoods, then the problems would be solved. Alas, that isn't the case.

I think a lot of people are going to be priced out. The property taxes shot up, which I expected. I opened my notice, and all I could do was LAUGH.

They are going to have to do a bit more than raising my taxes by 800% to get rid of me. And it's still lower than it was before the recession, so... whatever. I will pay it and keep it moving.

A new family moved in behind and to the left of me. They did catch me on a fence issue. Cost me $2000 on a good lawyer to take care of something as simple as.... 3 feet of fence.


That felt horrible. It was like taking a fist full of money and setting it on fire. My next door neighbor is PISSED and he is fighting it. I don't see the reason for me fighting folk and going to court over a few feet of fence line. Nope.

So I can understand the protesters taking a stand. I don't think it will help much of anything. When $$$ is involved, those without it be damned.

I hope my neighbors can afford the change... and the ride.

And not have to leave their homes.

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