Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Freestyles


And it is PAYDAY!

And they got my check right!

And in the bank on time!


And this Oldgirl has a 4 DAY WEEKEND on deck!

And I have all these glorious plans on my mind,like writing, going to the gym, editing, decluttering, etc.

But in reality, I will probably be like Sista Callie Jo here.

Laid out, dozing in and out. I'm not going to be showing all my business like Sista Callie tends to do, tho.


Anyway, this has been an eyebrow singeing week. Our beloved President has been on a tirade against the Morning Joe character.

I don't watch that show much, but Joe and Mika have been dragging our president for filth.


Dragging back and forth. Then back and forth again.

And I've been thinking... "Trump is gonna have a meltdown. VERY SOON."

And he did. And it was NASTY.

I will leave it up to you to go watch the YouTube clips and the tweets. It was some pure in-the-gutter nastiness. That is all I can say about it. I have NO idea how they will resolve this feud. I am wondering why we as a people are being exposed to these screeds on the regular. It is terribly exhausting on an emotional level.

But you know what I think about this all? Our president is a mirror reflection of who we are collectively as a country. It's not a great picture, but it is what it is.

It all had me a little shook, especially being a woman. When I think we have found the bottom of the barrel, I find that we haven't.

The barrel may not have a bottom, ya'll. And that is scary.

And it reminds me to examine myself and make sure I walk in kindness. And it reminds me to be thankful and full of gratitude until my cup runneth over.

And just to work on me, and to grow. Because I need to be in a good place in my emotions when I turn 70 years old. I do.

I have been thinking about that for awhile. And I will probably continue to do so.

Ya'll this is the new normal. But I don't want to be MY new personal normal. Nope.

God bless my president.

Yes this is MY president. I pay taxes. This is MY president.

I get the HARD side-eye every day when I walk into the workplace lobby. I'd always been greeted with a nice picture of a smiling Obama, but they took that picture down QUICK after Trump became president.

"Where is the picture of our new president? I need a picture of our new president on the wall!"

That is follow by a bunch of "humphs" and "giiirrrl!"


Something Funny.. So my science director came upstairs. She is puerto rican, I believe, but when I see her sometimes, I holler "'Tis the Queen! Tis the Queen of the building." *mock bowing"

This may unnerve her. I don't know. But I think she realizes that I am only trying to entertain myself.

She is a nice lady. And she is responsible for me moving to a better cubicle. If you can okay that, I AM DOWN WITH YOU! All day, er' day!

We had a fascinating convo.

"Yo, do you listen to trap music?" I aaked.

The brother who sits in a nearby cubicle fell out laughing.

Of course she had no idea what we were talking about.

"I like Old  school rap," she said.

"I do, too," I replied. "But your assignment is to listen to some trap this weekend."

She didn't reply.

And let's hope she doesn't listen to any trap. We don't need her mind polluted. NO.

No trap music today, but I have some New York Rap. Some "Eat" by Young M.A.

Young M.A. is a lesbian rapper. So I think she has that demographic on lock. I listen to her and shrug. Definitely not anything that I care to include on my playlists. Not for me, you see.  She is just a bit too hardcore for me. And I get all confused about a lady rapping about uh... strip club matters with other women. (Yes, that is a nice way to say it). So I don't listen to her that much.  I  don't even  listen to the dudes that rap about such matters.


She has one song that I like.  She is rapping for 6 minutes straight, a battle rap of sorts... no chorus, no hooks, just straight spitting bars.  And even though I am a bit O_o at some of the content, I still loved-ed  it!

I guess I just miss seeing chicks rap. But she be going up against the dudes, though. I wish Nikki Minaj would come for her. (She knows better. Humph).

"Eat" by Young M.A.  (Sorry, as usual, no clean version is available.  That use to be the norm, to have a clean version, but they have ditched that. Oh well).

I like that. That's some straight battle rap. 6.5 minutes straight. I wonder who she is talking to? Sir, don't step up unless you can match her rhyme for rhyme. It is rare to see someone do that. 

And the video is cheap and simple. It looks like "Get your camera phone. We gonna break into this abandoned apartment and shoot a video. Let's GO!"


My favorite bar occurs at the 2:01 minute mark.

Shake the haters off like a dog do when it's wet
Or run down on 'em like a dog do when it fetch.

That's a good one. And there are plenty of good ones in there.  Been a long time since  I've heard a female kick a good rap. LONG time.

So that's it for me!

I am MORE than ready for the weekend, baby!!!

I am going to have a GREAT one! On purpose!

You have one too. On purpose.

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