Thursday, June 01, 2017



I had a strange shaped pasta last month for the first time. It's called RADIATORE.

I purchased it at my local farmers market. I think I bought a pound of freshly made radiatore for $2.50.

That was some GOOD pasta. And it holds the sauce just right. I had it with tomato sauce, and I had it with pesto sauce. A little goes a long way.  I thought it would  go bad on me after 3 or 4 weeks in  the fridge, but it didn't.  I wish they would sell it in smaller amounts, though. I needed to make sure I ate it all before it went bad.

I am not a big fan of regular pasta, so let's just say that I have been on the look out for a sweet potato or butternut squash version. I've seen such veggie versions in other pasta types, but not this one.

So I wondered how hard it would be to make it myself. I looked around on YouTube for a tutorial. Here's something I came across:

Uh no. That's a bit too much going on. And unless I'm making pasta DAILY for a whole clan of people, it's just not going to happen.

Although this pasta machine looks pretty dope.

That is interesting. Still, we better be eating pasta all the time to get down with that.

I will just continue to be on the lookout for veggie radiatore.

That's simple enough to do...

And cheaper.

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