Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Freestyles


So glad of that. And I can't wait to bounce out and get home.

I am fully awake and ready to go, especially since it is NOT payday.

Because on Payday, the blinds of my mind are at half staff. Yes they are.

I have been doing SUPERVISORY duties this morning. And I am doing well (after only a few hours). Let's just make it through the next couple of weeks. I have also been doing a bunch of editing today, since I'm on the workplace newsletter crew. I don't mind that, since I like to write, and I need some practice editing.

What surprised me most this morning, though? The bit of sunshine that came out this morning! I was amazed because it has been super dreary all week. I know this is a light matter, because this is part of Tropical Storm Cindy (Atlanta gets the outer bands of anything that stomps its way into the Gulf), and the people on the Gulf coast have it much worse than we ever will. They are in my thoughts and prayers, for sure.

Quote of the Week. I got this from some random rap song.  I don't remember the name of the song, but I know it's by Curren$y.

"Opportunity came  knocking but I wasn't home. I was at Opportunity's house taking all the valuables out." 

I find that frickin' profound. It is chocked full of Food for thought. I will let you sit back and chew on that one.

Song of the Week.  This song has popped up on one of my playlist the past couple of days. I like it. It puts me in the mind of blogger Chele and her son. Not necessarily because of the  subject matter,  but the way the mother speaks of her love for her son in the beginning, well, after reading about Chele and her son, I can see her saying some of the same things.

So this one is for you Chele and the Prince! Domo Genesis "One Below"

That is it for my Friday Freestyles. I am not sure what the weekend brings.  I hope for it to be productive.  My toe is finally healed up, so I think I can run up on the gym.  And of course I will get some writing and reading done...  and some chores (ugh).

You have a great weekend!  On purpose!


  1. Thank you for the song. It kinda pulled at my heart strings ...

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