Thursday, June 15, 2017

TWO Thursday Thoughts

2 Thursday Thoughts.

(Yes. That is all I have time for).

1. My foot has FINALLY stopped hurting. Ugh

It's been close to 6 WEEKS since I stomped my toe - the toe next to the little toe - on the leg of the coffee table. It has been something else to try to get through. For a couple of weeks it was noticeably swollen before I could tell the swelling was going down.. I JUST started wearing regular sneakers on Monday. And I had a moment of trepidation about even trying to slide on a leather shoe. It feels so good to be wearing regular shoes.

I had a terrible time for a few days getting back and forth to work. It just hurt so bad to walk. My toe was swollen for 5 weeks. And I think the sprain was up to the middle part of my foot. That has never happened before.

I have always frowned when it's announced that an athlete is unable to play a game (football, basketball) because of a toe injury. My response has always been "You make 20 million dollars a year, and you are out of the game because of a hurt toe? Really?"

But now. I understand. I don't have turf toe, but any hard injury to the toe... be sure to sit down and let it heal. Please.  No sports, nothing. None of that!!  

2. My phone is on the blink. I got it wet this morning in the shower while trying to talk to my sister on speaker phone. Yes, it was stupid, but I think it was the steam, and not water.


I have a bunch of pictures that I hope I can save.  I don't know how that's going to work out.

The touchscreen isn't working.  So I am going to let it dry out in some rice overnight to see what happens.

This is bothersome because I, like most people, fool with my phone a lot. No, I'm not big on social media  (I tend to lurk and rarely post anything), but all of my phone numbers and pictures are in there. I have a few games going also. So it's going to be interesting over the next couple of days trying to figure out if I can save some things out of it. It's not a big deal to run and buy another phone. But it's a hassle. So hopefully, the phone will dry out and work properly (It's charging and I can receive calls, etc).

We will see.

But both of these "thoughts" have made me stop and ponder.

They really have.

With that said, that's it for my TWO Thursday thoughts.


  1. I injured the exact same toe! After two glasses of wine I thought it would be fun to chase Portia (my cat) around the house ... smashed the toe on the bench in the foyer. Stupid. It took forever to stop hurting and even now it still looks kinda fat.

    1. Mine still looks a bit swollen. Sigh. I am just glad that I'm not hobbled for life.

  2. Ladylee!! It's Sasha (young chick from FL). I haven't read your blog in sooooo long. I'm back!

    1. Hey Sasha! Where you been!?!?! I am still here. This is my therapy! Hope all is well with you :)


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