Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Musings: New Black Panther Trailer

So I had a great weekend. And I will save those thoughts for a Tuesday Thoughts post, I think.

But what had my eyes wide open this weekend was the official trailer for the Black Panther movie. I wish I would've seen it on the big screen, but I think I saw it in those Twitter streets. At any rate, it is phenomenal. Have a look.

How GREAT is that? I may have to go to some special Wednesday showing of that. Not the weekend. You know EVERY black person on the entire planet is going to be up in there.

The sad part is that it's not out until 2018.



I thought it would at least be coming out around  Christmas this year. Why must we wait so long for it?

Oh well.

I immediately recognized the background music for the trailer. It's a song from Run the Jewels 3. I'm not a big fan of the whole Run the Jewels franchise, but I actually liked the third CD in the installment. And they have a video for that song in the Black Panther trailer.

I didn't notice before, but that video is an interesting piece of social commentary. Hmm.

I like that song.  But I like several songs on the CD, which for me, makes it a good CD.

My favorite song, though, is "Hey Kids"

Now I haven't been much of a fan of Run the Jewels. This is another group favored by guys, as there are not any "girl friendly" songs (whatever that means). I've also seen this type of rap referred to as stadium rap. I suppose it will sound good in a stadium with some crowd surfing going on. (That is not my thing. Nope). And frankly, after a few songs, it's time for me to switch over to some old school R&B. LOL.

I cannot WAIT for this Black Panther movie, though. I love sci-fi,and with a gang of black folk in it, well, that is a RARITY.

2018 will be here soon enough.

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