Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blazing the Silver Comet Trail!

My sister Kentucky has taken a liking to walking.

I like to walk too, but moreso around my 'hood.

She's a bit different. She likes to skip along the Silver Comet Trail.

It's a 66 mile long trail, starting in the western surburbs of Atlanta, and ending somewhere out in Alabama.

When she first started going out there, I was hollering "Be careful. They be snatching folks up there in those woods!"

(It is strange how when we see a couple of news reports about crime, we start associating the place with it).

Me, being the nosey Oldgirl, decided to go with her last month. We had a FINE time. So we went again this Sunday.

Kentucky's car is being serviced, so she rented this thing.

UGHHH!! I WILL NEVER BUY SUCH A THANG! LAWD HELP ME!!! That is the most horrible car. I could feel EVERY hole, nick, and cranny in the road. UGH.

Anyway, back to our walk.

As you can see, it's simply a long paved road...

Yep... just a road cut through the woods.

And uh, someone could jump out and snatch your tail...

So we were on the look-out.

*Lee set to bust a sucka upside the head with her headphones*

I did not like walking along this part of the path, where the dirt looked like it was all piled up on the sides.

Folks bicyling down the trail.

"Girl, we're gonna rent some bikes and come down here and ride it OUT!" I told Kentucky.

She's not really down for that. Bikes rent for 10 bucks an hour. We're gonna do it!!

We were walking it out, Mayne! More trail!

Folks running they tails on down the trail.

Walk it out, walk it out, walk it out!

Worst part of the trail: when it's all shady and NOBODY'S around.

We heard the crunching of leaves off to the side of the trail in the woods. It was only a squirrel off to the side, minding his bizness (and loooking at us like we were crazy).

I did not like this rocky stuff.

There was water pouring off the rocks. Nasty.

Some Grand Canyon looking craziness.

This sign right here is for my cubicle mate Cowgirl Cre, and her horse Felix.

Cowgirl Cre, you cannot ride your doggone horse up through these parts! Don't even try it.

And that's about it for our walk. We walked 5 MILES. We were leaning on each other on that last mile back to the car, lol...

But it was all good.

I had a great time hanging with my baby sista, doing something she loves to do!

And that makes it worth the hike:)


  1. I would need a partner everytime I walked that trail. I don't like being alone on a wooded trail.

  2. The isolation would creep me out --but any good walk is surely good for the body and soul. You guys should try the Chattahoochee nature trail...somewhere off of Northside Drive --a good dose of folks out there --not to busy--and for most of 3 miles you don't feel isolated..

  3. That looks soooo nice. Beautiful trees...we don't have much lushness out here in the desert...

  4. @Southern Black Gal... I know that's right, honey. It's usually pretty crowded, but I'm not sure where all the peeps were on such a nice afternoon.

    @Cyncere... we're gonna have to go check that out. Plus it's much closer than Mableton.

    @Tha L.... where the heck u at? For some reason, I thought you were in DC. Hmmm... Desert. Sounds hot and dusty!

  5. Anonymous9:02:00 AM

    that trail looked so peaceful--Ihave a bike for you if you want it you know it takes two hands to ride so Ican't ride like I use to.let me know

  6. Thanks for the tour. I haven't made it over to that side of town because I am in pure love with Stone Mountain. But I always wondered what it was like.


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