Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'll Miss You, Kita

Yesterday, we lost one of our book club sisters... Miss Kita.

I love that pic, taken last August, because this is how I remember her. She LOVED a good party and all the festivity that went with it!

For her birthday, she had a spa party, and she had to convince me, forever the tomboy, to attend such an event. But I went, and had a great time. I even took time to make one of my favorite cards.

It is one of my favorites because I thought it captured her personality perfectly.

We're gonna work hard, but we're gonna get all girly and dolled up and have a GOOD time.

Kita, was one of the first book club sisters I met some 5 years ago. She was a member of the hospitality crew... She knew how to make sure EVERYTHING was hooked up just right.

Kita was there on my very FIRST vacation as a an adult. I will forever remember us hanging out on the beach, chilling in the cool breezes from the sea in Cozumel (and her laughing uncontrollably at me as I was being tossed to and fro out in the water!)

She is someone who was always happy to see LadyLee!

And I was always happy to see her.

She was a true Diva indeed.

It always hurts when someone goes unexpectantly.

Those questions of "Why?" always come up.

Why her? Why now? WHY HER?

She was one of the kindest people I've ever met. No drama whatsoever. And I loved that about her.

So Kita... we, your book club sistas past and present, will miss you dearly...

I will forever hold the memories of you and your friendship close to my heart.

I light a candle for you, girl.

Rest in Peace.

Love, LadyLee.


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit8:54:00 PM

    I've been checking all evening. I knew you would post something. It have captured Kita's true essence.

    She was planning a tea party in May. Rae says she wants us to have it to honor Kita Mae.

  2. Anonymous9:30:00 PM

    well said!
    she was the truth,no excuses

  3. Anonymous1:27:00 AM

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    I remember her, and that fun spa party. ;)

    Thank you for sharing with us those who like Kita brighten your world and make a difference.


  4. Thank you for the "fix"..I was like a blog crack head today :)....Needed this because I could not write with out snotting up the keyboard--but I knew you could put it in some soothing words..thank you for my "fix." She was a diva extraordinare...In order to not wallow in my own pity party --or ask God why her...why not some crazy pedophile? (and I know better than to do this) -- I remembered all that was good about her...and it helped me dry my weeping eyes...stand up tall and say to myself...LIVE and LIVE like there is no tomorrow. Whew!

    Thanks! I can get my zzzz's now with a "Kita-ish" smile on my face.

    Gone....Too soon!

    @ TGEB-- In memory of Kita..I'll dress in hat and white gloves--and sip tea :)

  5. sorry for your loss.. what a wonderful tribute..i am sure she appreciated that card

  6. I am so sorry. I remember when you wrote about the spa party ... I really am sorry.


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