Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts and Possiblities

I am a member of a Women of Color Writing Group. Although, I love this group, it doesn't particularly provide a critique setting for my work. We decided as we grow, that may become available for each of us who are working on some material.

But it does provide something that I have come to enjoy: on-the-spot writing.

We use writing prompts and write and discuss them.

It affords me an opportunity to write without self editing, and I get a chance to sit and enjoy listening to my sistas writing.

It also provides good short blog posts, lol. I've even used some material as subject matter for my stories.

The writing prompt for this 5 minute short writing exercise was:

"It's just a possibility, it's just a thought."

We had a few seconds to let in soak in, then we began to write.

Here is my entry.

Thoughts and Possibility

I don’t want to work for The Man anymore.
I want to work for myself
Blaze my own trail,
Sail my own ship.

It’s just a possibility,
It’s just a thought.

I want that dream,
that dream that is only a mere seed incubating in my heart,
To go and grow,
To come alive,
And produce fruit on the outside.

It’s just a possibility,
Simple, a mere thought.

I want to leave an inheritance for my kids,
and for my kids' kids
and their kids.

So that many generations to come will not have to
Struggle and strive
Strive and struggle
Just to survive.

It’s just a possibility

Just a thought.

At some point, the two merge:

Possibility. Thought.
Thought. Possibility,

The two become one.


Thoughts are possible.
Possibility is a thought.

Alas, an incubated thought produces decisions.
Decisions produce actions.
Actions produce habits.
Eventually, my destiny is the ultimate result.

My destiny is birthed.


  1. So this was just on-the-spot? Very good. Especially since I'm working on my plan to get out from under "the man" right now.

  2. Love it!
    The word dream stuck out like a sore thumb to me. I think when you stop dreaming, a part of you dies.
    Never stop dreaming... it's only too late to fulfill a dream when you're "too dead."
    If you're alive, so should the dream be.

  3. @Chele... You know, I was thinking of a post you had written that week. That was on my mind when I was writing that.

  4. Anonymous1:06:00 AM

    This is smokin' HOT!


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