Friday, April 30, 2010

Freestyle Fridays

It's Friday once again...

And I haven't done much blogging this week. Just haven't felt like it. I've been doing other things. Got other stuff on my mind.

And right now, I am laying in bed. And I'm gonna make myself blog... on purpose.

I have not been able to get it together since turning the clock back an hour. It is more of a struggle than anything. I'm sleeping pretty well, but it is a trip getting myself together in the morning.

I think it is because I have a lot to do before work: namely, reading and writing. I know I spend a good hour or two doing those things, and if I don't wake up by 6:30 in the morning, well, I am in trouble.

Now that was a ramble, lol. And I think I've come up with a goal for May: get a better grip on my schedule.

This is Day 16 of my 21 day Financial Fast. Man! When I tell you I've gotten some things done, I mean it. This has all been VERY interesting. I've not only thoroughly examined a lot of my habits through the whole journalling protocol, but I've found and understood the root of my isshas and I have a plan to work on them.

What more can I ask for?

Wasn't really expecting that. And I like that this book is useful on any level, whether you're just reading it to be reading it, or going through the process. Very interesting, and more helpful than I would've ever thought it would be. I have to be sure to apologize to my book club sista for alllllll the trash talking I did behind that. This was all very good for me.

Serenity and her crew are starting up next Monday if you still want to join in, even if it's to just to read along. She asked that I do some type of intro for it, and I will be working on that this weekend. She is vacationing for the weekend, and said I could go over there and post it, so I may post it up on Sunday at some time.

What's up with the oil slick madness off the coast of Louisiana? They were talking about that on the Today show this morning. It seems to be getting out of control. 200,000 gallons a day spilling into the gulf, and they can't cap it off. WOW.

One thing I remember from the couple of years living out in New Orleans is that people had kin who worked on the oil rigs. Someone knew someone who worked "Offsho". I lived in a boarding house when I first moved down there, and there was an offshoreman who lived there off and on. They would be out on the rigs for a good three weeks at a time, and spend very little time at home. That is a very important industry out there.

One of the many rigs blew up out there, and now there are problems. My condolences to those who lost people in that explosion. I hope they find the cause and why it all happened. I'm sure the high bicker level of things going on over it all in the news isn't helping much. I hope it is figured out soon.

That's all that I have to say this Friday. I better get on up and get ready for work so I won't be rushing around. It has been quite cold in the ATL this week, but today is going to be really nice. I plan on having a productive day, and I'm going to church tonight. This weekend will be full of my usual chores and errands, and hopefully some exercise and relaxation.

Make the weekend a good one... on purpose.

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