Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday

*These rambles are dedicated to my homegirl Carter's coworker, Dedra. Turns out we go to the same church. Didn't hook up with you, cuz I read the email late. Ya'll betta call somebody. That Old Girl email don't get checked everyday*

Hey ya'll!

I am up and awake and chipper and I cannot WAIT to get to work!

*Lee does the raise the roof dance and the high rockette kicks*

(Blog fam hollers "What you smokin', Old Girl?")


Figured if I hollered that, it'll make it true. It ain't working. I think I need to yell that about 100 more times, or something like that.

But I'm not going to do that. I'm just going to go to work and make it do what it do.

No big weekend updates. Waaaaaaay too much went on. I'll be writing allllll day. (Hush up, Chele).

So I will ramble.

You will be glad to know that I met one of my financial goals. And that was to go to that Finance Conference at church- to make 2 of 3 evenings of it. (I was NOT going to kid myself. No way I was gonna make 3 days). So I made 2 out of 3 evenings -Wednesday and Friday night.

That was some good stuff. And it didn't appear to be much about finances. I came away asking myself a few questions, that have been burning on my mind all year... nonfinancial stuff, really. Let's just say I'm thinking a lot about honor and what it means. I don't care to write about this, as I will be writing alllll day. An Oldgirl has a little work to do in that area, and I will reserve it for my personal journals.

But I am happy that I had a written goal that I accomplished. My goals technologist Miss Not So Anonymous will so pleased!

I hung out with my best friend LadyTee on Saturday. She came over after one of her Saturday class. We sat around doing her biology homework. Now, I told this girl that I haven't taken biology since 1987 in college, but nooooo... She always hollering (and telling EVERYBODY she knows):

"Lee you know EVERYTHING. If you don't know it, it ain't known."

"My friend is a doctor! She know it ALL!"

Folks think a title on the front of a name mean more than it mean. But LadyTee is different. She's been hollering that since we were in elementary school, lol.

She thinks I'm the smartest broad on the planet. I helped her with a speech for her Public speaking class a couple of weeks ago. She made an A. Which cemented in her head that "LadyLee knows everything!"

It was all good. She had to put up with my food, though. I am not sure how she felt about eating that 6-grain pizza with all them doggone veggie toppings. She didn't say much, just for me to give her some ranch dressing to go with it. LOL. But we had fun... if you can call working on biology questions for 4 hours fun. We rarely see each other, so it was well worth it.

I thought my laptop crashed this weekend. The darn thing just started glitching out and beeping. It wouldn't come on. UGH.

My sister Kentucky was like "Don't worry. I have 3 laptops!"


She commenced to running outside and pulling a MacBook out of the trunk of her car.

She should NOT have done that. I LOVE that MacBook. She doesn't care for it, as it is a cheap school issued brand. She don't even use it.

Well doggonit, I'ma use it 'til I can use it no more! LOL

My computer is alright. It didn't crash. Just overheated, I suppose. Works just fine. (But I'ma still fool with this sleek MacBook. Makes me want one!)

I am doing okay on the 21 day financial fast. Yeah, yeah, just been 5 days, but it is helping to read and journal about it all. That book makes you get painfully honest with yourself. And it went well hand in hand with the Finance conference at church.

I had the most interesting writing workshop on Saturday Morning. I got A LOT of interesting material out of that. For blog anyway. I seem to have some strange fascination these days with people who cheat and their feelings and thoughts behind that. That is odd. I don't know why. I will ponder, and continue to wonder.

But anyway, I will post a couple of those pieces this week, I suppose. The ladies were deeply disturbed by one of them, which was hilarious. I will just have to forewarn you that they are PG-rated. So don't get over tripping out on me.

Quotes of the week. I am still reading that Boundaries on Dating book. No ain't nobody trying to get a date. Bump that. My motives are bad, so I need to sit my tail right on over here in my corner.

This is a series of books, and that's the only one that was in the store. So I copped it.

But I tell you, it DO have some truths in it.

"Do not think that someone who has no character is going to develop it just because you want him or her to grow. " (Page 119)

"Romance is great. Sexuality is great. Attraction is great. But here is the key: If all of those are not built upon lasting friendship and respect of that person's character, something is wrong." (page 120).

You got that right, honey!

Character is everything. One of my coworkers always says "Girl, you be knowing people. You pick up on crazy stuff way before anyone else."

That's cuz character is everything. Mine isn't perfect. I know that. I'm always working on that. I see stuff in people and take time to make sure that it is not within myself. If so, I need to deal with it.

And I think character is one of the most important things in a relationship. This book is dropping science that I thought I'd invented through my past romantic relationships. Hmmm...

That is all for now! And that's only half of my weekend. My goodness! LOL

Ya'll, this is a new week. A new chance to get it right.

Hit the reset button and let's make it happen... ON PURPOSE.

Look out for posts alllll week long from me:)


  1. Great job on reaching the financial goals. It's funny how hanging with those life long good friends can be great even if you're studying biology.

    My best friend is great at math, so a couple of years ago when I was finishing my degree, I would go over for a math "party", LOL!

  2. My best friend knows everything too. A million years ago he helped me write a cover letter which got me a pretty good job. Ever since then, he knows everything.

    Does alllll week long mean everyday? Looking forward to it.

  3. @Remnants of U... Yep, it was a "Biology" party of sorts. My sister came home and looked at us like we were crazy because we had stuff all over the living room.

    @Chele... Yes, I'm posting every day! 10 times a day! LOL!! *Yeah right*


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