Friday, April 23, 2010

Freestyle Friday


Friday is finally HERE!
It's gonna be a NICE day in the ATL: 83 degrees.


I'm suppose to be around here doing some food-for-thoughts on Friday, but lately, by the time Friday whips around, I'm just looking for the weekend... and not feeling very thoughtful... I suppose.

Nothing much is going on over this way. This has been a sloooooow week. Looks like it has been going by pretty fast at work, though. It feels slow because I've been doing a ton of reading and journalling and not much else. So slow might not be the word.

Quiet may be a better word for it.

That's okay. I like quiet. I like quiet a lot. I remember times of my life when things weren't... quiet.

I like QUIET.

So... this is day 9 of my 21 day financial fast. I got, what, 12 days left?

I can't say that it's bothering me. You have to remember, I'm already in a finance group with a few young ladies. Someone thought that this meant a finance group where we pool our money and make investments. NO! This is a group where we get together and talk about our finances and be of encouragement to one another. No judgments, none of that.

Some of us are doing better than others, some are doing worse. Sometimes, you just need to sit down and talk about it, you know. That's what Triple F Posse, The Financial Freedom Fighters is all about.

So, yeah, I'm already ensconced in that, so something like this 21 day financial fast doesn't particularly bother me. I haven't strayed or anything, and if I do, it's all good. I have a couple of things to buy for other people, which is low enough to come out of the weekly budget I've alloted for myself. But it has done a lot to make me THINK, and make a few interesting adjustments. I am not as cynical now when it comes to my finances, either. (Yeah, I'm the "problem child" of my finance crew. I'm gonna do what I'm gotta do, but I will bitch and moan about it).

And during this time, I think that's what I wanted the most: for my attitude to be just a tad bit healthier.

Attitude determines altitude.

This is also an idea forage for me. And I have a lot of ideas now and a plan of action. And that's a good thing. I probably won't be blogging much on it. Serenity is requesting a guest post from me over on her site on tithing, I think, so I will get that together. She has a whole crew going through this over on twitter and her blog in early May. That should be interesting...

My laptop is busted! Oddly enough, I'm not upset about this. It is not a hardware crash, but something that goes on with the motherboard of those laptops, from what I've been reading. I have this ridiculously expensive 3 year warranty attached to the thing, so I'm dropping that off tomorrow.

Kentucky has let me hold one of her laptops, a MacBook. I LOVE this thing. I will NOT go out and buy one. I said, I will NOT go out and buy one! (And I mean that with a vengeance!)

Other thoughts. Is it just me, or is anyone else glad Ben Rothlesberger ain't black? Maybe it's just me. I'm just glad it wasn't Jason Campbell or Donovan McNabb raping making love to a chick in a dingy bathroom in a bar in middle Georgia. I don't even want to THINK about what jail they would be under right now. I'm surprised dude got suspended as it is.

Alas, there was another report on how dire and horrible the life of a single black woman is. (No, they didn't call it that, but you know what it is.)

Oh we don't have men, oh... woe is me, woe is me, woe is me.

I just shake my head. Geez. I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. I choose not to believe such things about myself. Really.

Honey, look at your life, with all it's accomplishments.

Heck, just look at the fact that you have air to breathe, and that the sun rises and sets every day...

And you mean to tell me we should be running around whining like we do? (Or how they say we do? Cuz all the sistas I deal with are enjoying life. Period.)

We all want good healthy relationships. What woman doesn't? We define ourselves by the quality of our relationships. We are loving, nurturing women. We want to give. We want to love.

The stories should be about what they should be about: us having standards and sticking to them. We have ALL had our share of dealing with the wrong men. ALL. Who wants to deal with that? No one. We all want what's right for us. And what's wrong with that? There was a reason why you broke up with said guy. Did he bust up your self-worth or self-esteem? Or did he walk off for someone else? Something went wrong. I'm not so sure I want to spend a lifetime in anything that is wrong for me. Even if I'm this awfully lonely needy black woman the media betrays me to be.

My solution: Enjoy life. Enjoy living. Tomorrow isn't promised. ENJOY LIFE. Live, live, live.

And check your motives. Stop giving God the *gas face* 'cause you don't have your man right now. Maybe someone's being prepared for you. Maybe you are being prepared for someone and you're not ready yet. Maybe you need to check your motives. Who knows.

This life goes by in a flash. You can meet the man of your dreams in the very next second.


In the meantime: Be HAPPY. Enjoy this LIFE.

Don't be held in mental bondage by all of this.

YOU ARE OKAY. We are all OKAY. We are all good, we have purpose in this life.

Be blessed, and be FREE in your mind.

Ya heard me?

That is all.

*Lee throws soapbox back into the closet*

Have a great weekend. ON PURPOSE.

From your Friendly Neighborhood Oldgirl, LadyLee.


  1. The stories should be about what they should be about: us having standards and sticking to them. We have ALL had our share of dealing with the wrong men. ALL. Who wants to deal with that? No one. We all want what's right for us. And what's wrong with that?

    :::shaking my tambourine:::

    Amen to that!!

  2. I have yet to see one of these reports on the "plight" of Black women. I hear about them from ya'll but I haven't seen one yet. And who are the women that they are featuring? Because, like you, everyone I know is chillin' and not crying over the lack of a man. Whatever, man.

  3. Having a support group helps with anything. That's probably why your 9 days has been a breeze.

    Don't buy into the Apple cult!! lol Or at the very least, stop throwing laptops outta windows.

    This "plight of the black woman" is nothing new or even profound. Its so ridiculous. I can't stand reading another story or op-ed or watching another special, especially since the "experts" they keep getting are anything but. Your advice is stellar. Live your life. Happiness in the form that it is supposed to take FOR YOU will come, if you are working on YOU, not a We.

  4. This post made me say GONE HEAD...YOU BETTA PREACH LEE!!! This exactly how I feel about the "Poor Us, We Don't Have a Man" crisis too. I could have a man but I do not want just any man. I want the man that God says is for me. Until then...I'm cool.


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