Friday, April 02, 2010

Foto Fridays (and other Randomness)

Happy Good Friday.

I have photos and mindless random thoughts for you.

Just think of it as a proverbial "easter basket", a gift from me to you:)

I got spring fever.

I don't feel like doing NOTHING.

I wailed to my boss this week,"I need motivation."

She looked at me like I had grown 2 heads.

She was back in the lab yesterday, talking with me and the specialist, and I, being bored and spring struck, rattled her nerves a bit...

She's going to chase me down the hall with a broom real soon... I can see it!

I cause trouble when I am bored.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning. Should've gotten up and just gone on to work, but I didn't. I ended up going to sleep and having nightmares concerning the ex-husband. I was trying to get back with him, or something weird like that. What was I thinking?

Geez. My credit score just went down a couple of points with those dreams.

That's what I get for sleeping with the TV on.

That's what I get for having Thai food for dinner. HUMPH.

I like walking out on the track. This is my excercise of choice when it's nice out.

I live a stone's throw from downtown ATL (literally a couple of miles).

So you can see the Atlanta Skyline!

These houses overlook the track.

I love these houses. Would love to have one. Average price- half a million bucks apiece. Taxes should be a good ten thousand a year.

Hey, somebody buy me the house. I can pay the taxes just fine, just buy me the house! Much obliged!!

My transition lenses are working well.

I realize this after a LONG time of thinking, "It's so bright and sunny our here. Why does it look so dark?" lol

I like to try a couple of new foods a month. With that said, I've been fooling around with barley.

Barley works well in a stir fry, much better than rice. It has a nutty flavor, is chewy, adds character to a dish, you know. But there are issues with it. You have to soak it over night. Two thirds of a cup (which cost me 30 cents) cooks up to four cups. In other words:

Man, I got a load of barley on my hands! Somebody help me!!!

I gotta call Grandma today. She hasn't used her debit card in 6 weeks. I think she misplaced her card and doesn't want to say anything. It's gonna be like pulling teeth to get her to let me know such.

I had lunch with Serenity_23 on Wednesday. She was passing through the ATL, on the way to catching her cruise. We had lunch at a pizza parlor near my job. I was giving her the sideeye for making a 8 hour drive all glammed up, but hey, she hardcore like that, lol.

It was good to see the Oldgirl. It's always good to see my baby blog sista. I hope she and Tyler have a great time on the cruise. I can't wait to hear the stories!

Oscar-Tyrone is a trip. He treats me and my sister differently. When Kentucky's in the room or comes around, he gets all sprite, clears his throat and let's out a series of "meows" from somewhere deep inside. She always talks to him or gives him catnip or whatever she's eating on.

With me, he't totally different. His meows are barely audible. Weak and wacky squeaks.

And he stares at me a lot. Especially when he wants something. Like being rubbed. And I know this is the case, because he edges closer and closer, until he is laying right beside me. If I still don't pay him any attention, he lays his head on me.

And if that don't work. He GRABS.

This becomes interesting when I am writing or reading, and he grabs at my hand. I have to keep myself from YELLING at him like he's a kid.

I rub him for a few seconds. And it's not enough. He wants more. THEN I yell.

And he stalks off... all to come back a half hour later and bother me again.

There's some metaphor of life in there. I have NO idea what it is.

Maybe there is none. And I just got spring fever for real.

All of ya'll... Have a Happy Easter.

This weekend's gonna be BEAUTIFUL. A gorgeous Easter weekend.

Get out and enjoy it... with purpose, on purpose...


  1. Happy Good Friday and upcoming Easter!

  2. Oscar Tyrone needs love. People do that too when we need love. We try to be PC about our need for love until it heightens in which case we can become more bold. This boldness might inspire us to attemp to engage the object of our desire; in this case you.

    Then sometimes that person is not amenable or only placating us and we may still feel hollow. And if we're foolish like Oscar Tyrone we come back for more. But, you know that's just what I saw...;-)

    But anyway, I just came to say Happy Easter Day!

  3. Anonymous3:10:00 PM

    Happy Easter Lee!

  4. It was a beautiful day today!! I just sat on the bayou with my daughter and ate a snowball. Gotta work this weekend...Happy Easta!


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