Friday, April 16, 2010

Freestyle Fridays


It is Friday!

*Lee does the HIGH Rockette kicks*

I am GLAD to see Friday!

And today is PAYDAY.

I am happy. It is Payday!

It doesn't really mean much of anything. It's not like I'm going shopping. No frivolous or unnecessary spending during this 21 day thing. I suppose I'm cool with that. I am spending the day thinking about what I need around the house and carefully preparing a grocery list. I'm good on groceries until next week, so we will see how that works out.

I don't have any big plans for the weekend. There are a gazillion events going on in the ATL this weekend- NASCAR, Braves game (I live a stones throw from the stadium), Dogwood festival, Robotics convention.

And Freaknik.

Sigh. I thought that ish was over. Man, they been hollering about it on the news.

LadyTee and I have already been reahearsing what to do when and if the gay frat boys next door get out of hand and I have to call the police. LadyTee's advice: Dont' call 911, call the main police dept number. Then act like a old white lady.

"These Nigras, I mean, these black people are out her fightin'! And I can't find my medicine!"

Then just hang up the phone.

LadyTee has crazy tactics. All I gotta say is don't be outside her house bouncing basketballs or grilling out at two in the morning. You won't be doing that again...

The frat boys have been calm, save for gay pride weekend. Frat boys better be careful this weekend. I'm too old for that loud partying!

I think I have a writing workshop in the morning. Not sure. Gotta make a phone call and check that out. I know there's a bookclub meeting later on Saturday afternoon. I'm not going. Didn't read the book. OH WELL.

I am close to getting kicked out. And I almost feel alright about it.

I had a bootleg "Come to Jesus" meeting with the boss lady yesterday. It's been said by many that she may listen to me on certain things. I'm up in the air about that. Nothing came from that talk. I wish that management didn't detest us so much. I got my little 2 cents in, and hopefully some of what I said will stick. She has some type of plan she wants to implement that I don't think is gonna work. But I'm not the boss, so uh, it's not on my head.

Hey, I'm there to make my money! Better have my check straight! HUMPH!

The Finance conference at church has been... interesting. I attended on Wednesday night, watched on the internet last night, and will attend tonight. It seems as if most of it is concentrated on checking one's hearts and motives. And you know how I feel about motives. I am ALWAYS checking mine. Always.

Sometimes mine are good. Sometimes they are not. I am more than willing to recognize and admit that.

The important thing is that I recognize it, admit it, and be faithful and sincere in making the necessary corrections. Much is going on in my life right now to chisel out any bad motivations, anyway. So I take solace in that.

The conference is working very well with me reading Michelle Singletary's The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom. There's SO much personal assessment she requires one to do with the daily questions and journalling. My money's not funny, but I am learning that there are so many adjustments and mindset changes I need to make. So that is working out well.
Now, Serenity is reading this book, and she's starting up a accountability crew to read and go through the 21 day Financial Fast. Go on over to The House of Serenity and sign up if you want to participate. I think they're starting up in early May. So you have a chance to take a look at the book and decide if you wanna run with it. (And I left a long rambling comment in that post. That might convince you to have a look at it.)

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy yourself... It's suppose to be real nice out!

Whatever you do, do it on purpose and with purpose!


  1. Freaknik? Good Lawd, is that still going on? If the frat boys get outta hand, I'd definitely take Lady T's advice!

    Tonight I'm going out for drinks with my sister and I think I'm going to see Death at a Funeral tomorrow afternoon. Pretty laid back weekend.

    Enjoy yours!

  2. Tonight I'm going to hear a band. Tomorrow it's errands and a church class and then something fun with tyler. Tomorrow night is a date and Sunday is church. All fun!

  3. Anonymous2:08:00 PM

    I went to Freaknic back in 1997. One of the times I had!

    I'm going to a bday dinner tonight then probably drive 20 mins to the city I went to college. This weekend is the 1st annual black alumni weekend. If I don't go tonight, I will surely be there all day Saturday.

  4. Well, I've bought the book so, I'll be reading it this weekend. I'll be working (and reading) and that's pretty much it.

  5. Anonymous1:04:00 AM

    You lost me with calling the police and acting like "an old white lady."

    And as if I wasn't already laughing aloud, you threw in "bootleg 'Come to Jesus' meeting with the boss lady" in the same post.


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