Monday, April 19, 2010

Have You Seen IT???

*5 minute writing prompt from my Women of Color Writing Workshop: Write a note or ad about something that is missing.*

I am looking for IT !
The IT !
That thing I lost!

The IT !
The IT is what keeps me from loving the wrong man.
The IT is what keeps me from doing the wrong things.

I am looking for IT!

IT is what keeps me loving myself.
IT is what helps me to love others.

Have you seen IT?

If you have, please return IT
Please Bring IT back to me.

IT knows it's name well
IT responds to it's name if you call IT.

Just yell "SELF" and IT will stop in it's tracks.

Call IT by it's many names
And IT will turn around

And run to you.


IT will turn around and come to you

And when IT does that?
Oh Please
Please hurry,
And bring IT back to me.


  1. i like IT..but i don't have it or I would have returned it after I used it..

  2. Anonymous2:53:00 PM

    wow, I am blown away but IT!

    Thank you for sharing IT with us :)



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